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Jun 26 2015
by Angela Tricarico

Undecided? Take a Step Outside Your Comfort Zone.

By Angela Tricarico - Jun 26 2015

Calling all undeclared students! I have a story to tell you, but I should start by saying this: it’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do yet. According to Finger Lakes Community College, 25 percent to 50 percent of students enter college undecided.

It’s not even easy for the ones who are decided — 75 percent of them change their major at least once and 50 percent of graduates even change their career paths after obtaining a degree, also according to Finger Lakes Community College.

See? It’s not a huge problem if you don’t know what you’re majoring in yet! I was in the same boat as you about a year and a half ago. Believe it or not, you can accidentally stumble into your major!

Journalism basically found me. It was completely on accident. Writing for a living didn’t cross my mind until a schedule conflict in my junior year of high school had me in a journalism class. It’s not that I’d never written before, sure I did, but non-fiction and journalism wasn’t something I knew I was even interested in. To make a long story shorter, a combination of my teacher’s guidance and my own excitement led me to joining the school paper.

Less than a year later, I picked a news radio internship on a whim. It was more to be able to meet a friend of mine because at that point in time, the idea of talking on the radio terrified me. Turns out, I loved it. Not only was I writing, but eventually, I worked my way up to reading the news. That turned into doing the sports update twice and never really looking back. That’s how I found sports journalism and the job of “update anchor.”

My scheduling conflict completely changed my life. I went from being clueless on what I wanted to do in college to having a clear idea of it all because of two small, happy accidents.

The moral of my story is to just try new things! You might be surprised with what happens. Take the opportunity this summer to do something you never would have considered for yourself. College is all about stepping outside of comfort zones so you might as well get a head start!

I can’t promise you’ll find something, but if you go into this with an open mind, you have a better chance of finding something that you’ll love enough to do for the rest of your life. Sometimes life throws things at you or you’ll stumble into it on your own. Keep looking, get rid of those comfort zones and most importantly, have fun with whatever you do. Happy searching!

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Angela Tricarico - University of New Haven

Angela Tricarico is a freshman at the University of New Haven majoring in communication and minoring in sports management. She loves writing, musical theater, and coffee. You can most likely find her in her room, singing an off-key one woman version of Les Mis. Follow her on twitter @angtric!

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