1. "You have an accent." 

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I really don't, and last time I checked, my friends didn't either. We don't all talk like Linda Richman on Coffee Talk. Please stop asking me to repeat myself every time I say coffee. 

2. "Oh, you live in Long Island?" 

No, I live ON Long Island. SAY IT WITH ME: On, not in. 

3. "Do you know X? They're from Long Island too!" 

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Long Island is big. Odds are, I, a South Shore Nassau girl, do not know your relative/friend/cousin's partner from the North Shore of Suffolk. In fact, Long Island is bigger than Rhode Island and we're not even a state! Almost 8 million people inhabit the Island. 

4. "So, do you spend every summer in the Hamptons?" 

credit: the CW

The beaches, 15 minutes from my house, usually do the trick in the summer. No use in driving over an hour to go to a beach where I feel like I barely fit in. The "Blair Waldorfs" and "Serena van der Woodens" of the real world flock to the Hamptons, but I'm perfectly happy down at Tobay. 

5. "Is the food there really as good as you say it is?" 

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No, it's better than I say it is. Really. The bagels are the best. Our delis are known for making the best BECs (bacon, egg, and cheese) and SECs (sausage, egg, and cheese).  Long Island pizza is up to par with the best pizza you've ever had. Not a day goes by where I don't miss the bagels while eating the "bagels" in the dining hall. 

6. "Do you know the Long Island Medium?" 

7. "Wait, what do you mean when you say 'the city'?"

Thomas Sørenes via Wikimedia Commons

Manhattan. The city is Manhattan, New York City, The Big Apple. To a Long Islander though—"The City". We don't think we're from the city, but most of us can get around the city pretty well. 

8. "Strong Island..."


Just don't. 

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