1. A portable charger.


By far, one of the greatest purchases I've ever made. Since iPhones are universally known for not having the greatest battery life, these will come in handy all the time when you're on the go. Bando makes super cute ones for $30 that plug right into your phone!

2. A body pillow or bedrest pillow.


Especially if you're someone whose bed is cornered against the wall, these are important! Whether you're doing homework or just lounging and watching TV, these make chilling in bed so much more comfortable. Pro-tip: turn your bed into one giant pillow! You'll thank me later. Buy a body pillow here, and a bedrest pillow here.

3. BRÄDA Laptop Support desk from IKEA.


This plastic contraption is one of the best things I got while dorm-shopping this past summer. It's a little support desk for when you use you laptop while laying down or sitting without a real desk. Now that you've got your bedrest pillows and your bed is too comfortable to leave, you can easily do homework from your bed with this! Best part? It's only $5 at IKEA, and it comes in both black and pink. 

4. A mini-vac.


This small, space saving vacuum is perfect for cleaning up hair and any crumbs you may get on the floor.  It's easy to store after you use it too. Check it out here.

5. Ice cream in your freezer at all times.


Truly the staple to my freezer. It's always nice to have a little late night snack, and what's better than ice cream? It's also perfect for movie nights on the weekends, and when you catch up on your favorite shows!

6. A Chromecast Streaming Stick


Chromecast is almost like the cheaper alternative to an Apple TV. It plugs into the back of your TV, and then will stream an app like Netflix from your laptop or phone without you having to keep the tab open on the computer while you watch. Multitasking at it's finest. Now you can watch Netflix, and work on homework at the same time! Buy one here.

lead image credit: tumblr