1. The Ocean

credit: Angela Tricarico

Depending on where you left the 516 for you may still have beaches, but nothing can compare to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island, whether you were a Jones Beach person or more of a mini-beach person. 

2. Bagels

credit: Amy Onorato

To a native Long Islander, there is nothing more important than a good bagel (and a large iced tea) to start off your day; they might as well be their own food group. The combinations of bagel toppings and bagel flavors are seemingly endless, but plain ol' cream cheese does the trick just fine. 

3. Malls. Everywhere. 

credit: Simon Malls

There are malls everywhere in Nassau County, as someone who is from there could probably tell you. Sure, there are plenty of malls everywhere else, but the malls here are so close that if one mall doesn't have what you're looking for, you're only a short ride away from another mall or outlet. It's the little things that count. 

4. Pizza at any time of the day. 

credit: Angela Tricarico

So, we really like our pizza here. Pizza is a staple in the diets of Long Islanders, starting when you're, like, 3 and you go to 30 birthday parties a year, where they all serve pizza.  As you get older, the importance of late night pizza grows. When you're hanging out in someone's backyard and suddenly it's midnight and someone really wants pizza, there's a place open until 4am ready to serve you whatever kind of pizza you want (including that marshmallow/nutella slice. nothing compares.)

5. Being a short train ride away from Manhattan.

credit: imbd.com

I think it's a universally accepted fact that Manhattan is pretty awesome. It's even more awesome for people from Nassau County who can just hop on the LIRR and be there in about an hour. Kudos to you if you can recite all of the Babylon branch's stops in order! If you're a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you definitely remember The Drunk Train episode and how accurate it really is. 

6. The end of Ralph's season.

credit: foodspotting.com

Ralph's Italian Ices are a staple that extends past the summer and begins before spring semester ends. Going to college in August or September means missing out on those valuable last few weeks of Ralph's, and by the time we all come back to our favorite island in May, Ralph's season will already be in full swing.

Lead Image Credit: forgotton-ny.com