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Nov 14 2015
by Angela Tricarico

7 Things Female Sports Fans Want You To Know

By Angela Tricarico - Nov 14 2015

As a sports management minor, aspiring sports journalist, and general sports fan, I have experienced my fair share of dumb comments directed at me for being a sports fan. So, girls, this one is for you. 

No, we don't watch sports to impress other guys... 

We watch sports because sports are fun and interesting. We don't care about impressing guys, we care about our team's shots on goal stats being better than their shots allowed stats. 

...and we don't watch them because the players are hot. 

I mean, Tyler Seguin is nice to look at, but that power play goal he just scored? So much nicer. I can appreciate him and the sport at the same time. That would be like me saying guys watch football for the cheerleaders. 


We don't appreciate being quizzed on stats...

That doesn't mean we wouldn't be able to tell you the Mets' starting lineup or the line combinations the Rangers used in last night's game. We could, we just don't have anything to prove to you. 

...or being told we're bandwagon fans. 

Just because I have the captain's jersey or the quarterback is my favorite player, doesn't mean I don't like the rest of the team.  We're all entitled to having favorites, and it just so happens that my favorite is the captain because he's good. What a concept: liking good players because they're good! 

We like to argue about our favorite teams...

I don't know about others, but I have no problem jumping into a conversation about sports to defend my favorite teams. 

...and, yes, we do know what we're talking about. 

Believe it or not, I do know how to read stats and talk about them. I have to know how to read stats to pick who I'm starting on my fantasy team, don't I? 

The bottom line is this: We, female sports fans, would like to be taken seriously as sports fans. Our gender shouldn't matter. 

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Angela Tricarico - University of New Haven

Angela Tricarico is a freshman at the University of New Haven majoring in communication and minoring in sports management. She loves writing, musical theater, and coffee. You can most likely find her in her room, singing an off-key one woman version of Les Mis. Follow her on twitter @angtric!

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