With midterms coming up, I've compiled together my favorite motivational showtunes into one Spotify platlist! You may be hitting the study grind big time, maybe you've got a load of papers to write and not so much time, or maybe you just need a pick-me up. That's what this playlist is for! I've included some explanations; not all of them directly relate to studying for tests, but rather just life in general. 

1. Do You Hear The People Sing? 

From Les Miserables. There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes, a.k.a. when you’re finally done studying and can go out and have a social life again!

2. Let Me Be Your Star 

From Bombshell, the fictional musical on SMASH. This song is Marilyn Monroe’s transformation from Norma Jean to Marilyn. It’s the beat of her heart saying “Let me be your star”; go out and rock that exam!

3. Chip On My Shoulder 

From Legally Blonde The Musical. Take Emmett’s story and find the chip on your shoulder. In Elle’s case, it’s Warner. With the chance you’ve been given, you gotta be driven as hell!

4. Watch What Happens 

From Newsies. Katherine is one of the best examples of motivational characters on Broadway. As a female reporter, she has to work extra hard to make her voice heard. Nothing happens if you just give in; work extra hard! You just might win.

5. Seize The Day 

From Newsies. The title of this one is pretty self-explanatory; go out and kill it!

6. My Shot

 From Hamilton. Set goals for yourself, find ways to make those goals reality, do not throw away your shot.

7. Non-Stop 

from Hamilton. “Hamilton wrote the other 51!” Be like Alexander Hamilton. Write like you’re running out of time. Odds are, you probably are.

8. Corner of the Sky 

From Pippin. All Pippin wanted was to be something extraordinary. Find your corner of the sky, make your own dreams come true.

9. So Much Better

From Legally Blonde The Musical. You know that moment when you realize that you’re better than what you’re settling for? That’s what this song is about. Don’t settle for Warner Huntington III when you can be an awesome lawyer.

10. You and Me (But Mostly Me)

From The Book of Mormon. Not the most conventional song to look for motivation in, but hey, it works. Sometimes this is what doing a group project feels like. Sometimes you just want to do something incredible. This is your kind of song.

11. One Day More

From Les Miserables. This is the song for those 24 hours before your last midterm. One more day before the storm, yes, the storm that is your midterms. Just think about how great it’s gonna feel when you’re finally done. Hint: it’s probably better than the people at the end of Les Mis.

12. I Got Life 

From Hair. Sometimes we just need a reminder. You’re alive, now go out there and kill it.

13. Louder Than Words 

From tick, tick…BOOM! Cages or Wings? Which do you prefer? The lesson in this song is that actions speak louder than words. Don’t procrastinate today what you could have done yesterday. This is the kind of song that makes you want to go out and make a difference.

14. Climb Every Mountain 

From The Sound Of Music. Find your dreams, climb that mountain and grab your dream.

15. I Can Do Better Than That 

From The Last Five Years. Don’t settle, be better. It’ll pay off.

16. This Will Be Our Year 

From Smash. It may have taken a while, but this is gonna be your year. Don’t forget who got you to where you are now.

17. Naughty 

From Matilda The Musical. So much can be learned from Broadway’s littlest hero. Sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty. Though you may be little, you can do a lot. If life isn’t fair, you can do something to change it. Nobody but you is going to change your story.

18. I Know It’s Today 

From Shrek The Musical. Everything probably isn’t as bad as being locked in a tower like Fiona, but look at where she ended up! Every fairy tale has a happy ending.

19. My Strongest Suit 

From Aida. Sometimes getting all dressed up can do wonders for you. Dresses just make you feel better! Don’t be superficial, though. That’s what this song is about.

20. The World Will Remember Me and The World Will Remember Us 

From Bonnie and Clyde. Do something worth being remembered for. Don’t be Bonnie or Clyde, but do something with the mindset that the world will remember you. Despite the context of Clyde being broken out of jail, I love the line “I’ve got lots ‘o reasons to keep livin’”

21. It’s a Sign 

From If/Then. Sometimes fate works in very funny ways. If you believe in that stuff, take it as a sign. The universe wants you to know something, clearly.

22. 96,000 

From In The Heights. Dream big, like a $96,000 lottery prize big. Don’t lose sight of those big dreams.

23. Stick It To The Man 

From School Of Rock The Musical. Stand up for yourself! Make Dewey Finn proud.

24. Another Day 

From RENT. Of all the important things that come out of RENT, this one is my favorite. The entire second half of the song, with Mimi, speaks for itself. I won’t retype it all, but just take this from it: No day but today.

25. Broadway, Here I Come! 

From Smash. Another “I Want” song, more dreams to follow, with a happier ending than most; this song ends with the line “Broadway, I am here.”

26. Out There 

From The Hunchback of Notre Dame. More “I Want” songs! This one on a more somber note, but it’s still such a beautiful song, with Quasi’s hope towards the end of it.

27. Defying Gravity 

From Wicked. Everyone deserves a chance to fly! Fly solo, fly with others, but ignore the people who try to ground you. Defy gravity, don’t let anyone bring you down.

28. The Wizard and I 

From Wicked. Despite Elphie’s story not having the happiest of endings, sometimes it’s your little quirks or talents that get you closer to the things you’ve wanted your entire life. Embrace them.

29. Everything Else 

From Next To Normal. This song has a very frantic sound, but it’s about passion and getting everything you’ve ever wanted; in Natalie Goodman’s story, it’s early graduation, a full-ride to Yale and an out from her crazy family.

30. Light 

From Next To Normal. We love despite the price of it being pain. Even when everything seems dark and awful, know that there will be light eventually. The light will make everything seem brand new.

31. Something’s Coming 

From West Side Story. For those times when all you’ve got is good vibes and you know something great’s going to happen but you don’t know what it is yet. Keep waiting for your something.

32. Moving Too Fast 

From The Last Five Years. Keep on keeping on. Do everything with 100% and don’t stop when things seem like they’re halting. Life might be moving too fast, but when you’re doing good things, it doesn’t matter so much.

33. Revolting Children 

From Matilda The Musical. This song just makes me feel like a little kid again. Sometimes rebelling a little bit can be good and fun.

34. Don’t Rain On My Parade 

From Funny Girl. Sometimes you’re just in the kind of mood where no one and nothing can bring you down. When you’re on a roll, this is the kind of song to listen to.

35. Watch What Happens (Reprise) 

From Newsies. This is a reprise of the Newsies song I talked about earlier. Be a Davey Jacobs. Negativity will get you nowhere. Have faith, have a plan, and you’re going to kill it no matter what you’re doing.