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Jan 07 2016
by Angela Tricarico

8 Shows You Can Start and Finish Over Break

By Angela Tricarico - Jan 07 2016

1. Political Animals

How long is it? 1 season - 6 episodes

What is it about? This miniseries follows Elaine Barrish, Secretary of State and former First Lady, and her decision to let a journalist follow her for a week in order to protect a dark secret about her son, TJ. She struggles in balancing a national crisis with keeping her fragile family from falling apart. 

2. Making A Murderer 

How long is it? 1 season - 10 episodes

What is it about? This Netflix Original docuseries was filmed over ten years, and focuses on Steven Avery, a man who served time for a murder he didn't commit, only to be exonerated and then once again accused of murder. The cliffhangers of each episode will keep you up all night trying to find out what happens next. 

3. Sense8

How long is it? 1 season - 12 episodes (the second season is currently in production!) 

What is it about? Sense8 is a Netflix Original about eight people from all different places around the world who become mentally and emotionally linked. The eight people must deal with being connected to each other, and their own personal lives at the same time. It deals with topics such as religion, sexuality and gender, uncommon of most science fiction shows. 

4. The Great British Baking Show

How long is it? 1 season - 10 episodes

What is it about? GBBS is a reality competition show in which the top ten home bakers of Britain come together and compete in a series of challenges revolving around the week's theme. One baker is eliminated at the end of each episode until one is crowned champion. You'll be feeling inspired afterwards to bake a cake, bread, or pie to make Mary Berry proud. 

5. It Could Be Worse

How long is it? 2 seasons - 9 episodes total - WATCH ON HULU

What is it about? ICBW is a webseries created by Broadway's Wesley Taylor, starring Taylor as Jacob Gordon. Jacob is an actor struggling to make a living in New York City with a personal life just as terrible as his professional one. His relationship with his boyfriend is on it's way out at the same time he reunites with an old friend who had made a career for himself in LA. There are cameos from many of Broadway's new generation. 

6. Jessica Jones

How long is it? 1 season - 13 episodes

What is it about? This is Marvel's second Netflix series, all leading up to a Defenders crossover with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. Krysten Ritter plays the title character, a private investigator with a superhero past. It covers some really dark topics in a critically acclaimed manner. 

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

How long is it? 1 season - 13 episodes

What is it about? After being held captive in a doomsday cult bunker for 15 years, 29 year old Kimmy Schmidt is determined to shed her victim label by creating a life in New York City. She befriends a struggling actor and gets a job babysitting for a Manhattan socialite. 

8. Graceland

How long is it? 2 seasons - 26 episodes (Season 3  has already aired but isn't on Netflix yet.)

What is it about? At it's core, Graceland is about a group of undercover FBI and DEA agents who live in a SoCal beach house that was previously confiscated from a drug lord obsessed with Elvis. Aaron Tveit plays Mike Warren, Graceland's newest resident straight out of Quantico, who is sent there on a very distinct mission. The show takes crazy turns and has great plot twists and cliffhangers.

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Angela Tricarico - University of New Haven

Angela Tricarico is a freshman at the University of New Haven majoring in communication and minoring in sports management. She loves writing, musical theater, and coffee. You can most likely find her in her room, singing an off-key one woman version of Les Mis. Follow her on twitter @angtric!

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