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Aug 01 2017
by Andreamarie Efthymiou

Why I'm Joining a Sorority: From the Girl that Said She Never Would

By Andreamarie Efthymiou - Aug 01 2017

I’ve always been Greek, as in greatly identifying with the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and my mom making enough food to feed an army every night. But I never thought I could be Greek, as in a sorority girl. 

For some reason, sororities get a bad rap, spread by tall tales and even storylines of books and movies. Amidst all this, what they actually do gets forgotten. And unfortunately, I used to be one of the ones that forgot. But you don’t have to be blonde, ditzy or a party animal to be a sorority girl. These are NOT the three pillars of sorority life. In fact, from what I’ve learned so far, these are some of the most prominent aspects.

1. Sisterhood

Yes, it seems cliche, but is it really that bad to have a support system? To have a group of girls that are going through (or have gone through) the same things as you? By joining a sorority, you are automatically part of a team. You are welcomed with open arms and these girls that you just met become your friends for life.


2. Philanthropy

Most sororities are affiliated with a specific philanthropy, for example, Girl Scouts of America or the Make-A-Wish Foundation. You, as a sister, get the opportunity to make a difference. The various events that you will go to and help organize, whether they’ll be marathons or pasta eating contests, will be for the greater good.


3. Initiatives

Being part of a sorority comes hand in hand with taking responsibility and having a prominent role in your community. Naturally, having leadership qualities is a huge part of this. Prepare to break out of your shell if you have one and to take on new challenges. Also, buy a planner, or get good at using the calendar on your phone, because you will most definitely have a jam packed schedule.