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Jun 30 2017
by Analia Marzoratti

4 LGBTQ+ Students React to the New LGBTQ+ Monument To Be Built in NYC

By Analia Marzoratti - Jun 30 2017
This week, the winner of a design contest for a monument to commemorate the LGBTQ fight for equality in New York was announced. The monument was commissioned last year by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, after the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. It is planned to go up in Hudson River Park, a place of significance in LGBTQ history, having acted for decades as a meeting spot for young LGBTQ people due to its proximity to the location of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the Christopher Street pier. Anthony Goicolea’s design was chosen out of the many submitted, and features nine rocks laid in the grass with embedded pieces of prismatic glass which give off rainbows in the light. This naturalistic design helps it to blend with the existing park space, while still remaining a visible (and certainly creative and beautiful) tribute to those that have fought for LGBT rights throughout the years. This type of recognition is extremely valued by the community, and here are 4 LGBTQ+ college students' reactions to the news.

1. Mars Dieso, York Technical College 

 “I think it’s awesome my home state is doing this! We deserve positive recognition and I think it’s a really creative and beautiful way of recognizing the community.”

2. Blake Tyler, Western Kentucky University 

“The design is pretty but simple, and I think it fits. I like that people can sit on it and interact, and I’m honestly just glad it’s being made right now. I’m excited for more to come for us.” 

3. Amanda Brown, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Considering what’s going on politically right now as far as our rights go, it’s great to see this. The whole thing just gives a permanent reminder that we’re here, and we have rights or we deserve them at least.” 

4. Kaila Sigman, Clemson University 

“I’m really glad they commissioned one. I was expecting someone to have paid for it privately, but it’s good to see that they care.” And in fact, sponsored by the State of New York, this is a good example for other states as to how to support their LGBTQ citizens. However, she amended that “I am happy we are finally getting some representation, but it is a little late. A lot of people fought hard for the rights we are still struggling to receive, and while I am happy they are finally being recognized I feel like his needs to be a bigger deal.”

The date of construction for the monument is yet to be revealed, but it’s something we should all be excited for in the months to come. In installing a monument such as this, which signifies a permanent mark of the fight of the LGBTQ community, the rights they fought for are memorialized as well.

Lead Image Credit: rihaij via Pixabay

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Analia Marzoratti - University of Texas at Dallas

Analía is a freshman at UT Dallas majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Writing. Follow her on Instagram at @marzana26

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