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Aug 19 2017
by Amy Yu

5 Ways Move-In Day Is Like A Rollercoaster

By Amy Yu - Aug 19 2017

As back to school season approaches us, it means that many of us will be moving into college for our first year. The whirlwind of emotions that you may feel during move-in can be similar to those you experience while on a rollercoaster.

1. Anticipation

Imagine yourself sitting in the rollercoaster after just getting on it. You’re being strapped in by the attendants, as they check that everyone is safely secured. Your knees jiggle with excitement and anticipation of the adrenaline rush that’s soon to come. The same feelings of excitement and anticipation arise when in preparation for move-in day. Instead, the attendants are your parents, double and triple checking that everything you need is accounted for.

2. Beginning

Once the safety of everyone is ensured, the rollercoaster begins on its way. Anticipation is still on a high, as everyone is jittery while waiting for the climax of the ride. The trip to college can feel the same way. Your nerves may stand on edge during this trip, just like on a rollercoaster when it's climbing the ascent to the top and you know a drop is coming.

3. The Drop

As the rollercoaster descends at lightning fast speed, your stomach drops, your hands go up and you scream as loudly as you can. In my opinion, this is the most exciting part of the ride. All types of emotions collide together in this one moment, like a whole lot of delight and excitement mixed with a little fear of what’s to come. This is the moment you arrive on campus. Unlike other times you’ve visited, this is different. It’s different because this time, it hits you that this will be your home for the next four years. You’re excited but also anxious because you’re unsure of what you’re in store for.

4. The rest of the ride.

As the rest of the ride continues with loops and twists and turns, so does your whirlwind of emotions. The rest of the ride may continue in a blur, as the rest of move-in day or orientation week will. You can’t really recall the rest of the ride because everything goes so by too quickly for you to wrap your head around. The same thing happens to you during move-in. As you’re getting accustomed to the new environment and being introduced to hundreds of new faces, you may not remember all the details of every event.

5. The end.

At the end of the rollercoaster, the rush of adrenaline flows through you, and you feel unstoppable. You want to ride rollercoaster after rollercoaster until you’ve screamed your lungs out on every last one. This symbolizes the end of your college career. Hopefully, at the end of your collegiate journey, you will feel empowered, with adrenaline rushing through your veins.

But it’s too early to start thinking about the end now. Enjoy the rollercoaster while it lasts!

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay

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Amy Yu - Case Western Reserve University

Amy Yu is a freshman at Case Western Reserve University. Although undecided about her major at the moment, she'd like to obtain an MD/PhD dual degree in the future. Besides writing and helping others, she loves to play piano and viola, sing, go rock climbing, eat Flaming Hot Cheetos, and talk with her friends.

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