Everyone has had some mortifying moments from freshman year. Whether you had an awkward encounter at a party or walked into the wrong classroom, we’ve all been there. Hopefully these embarrassing freshman moments will give you a laugh and help you realize that maybe your moments weren’t so bad!

1. "I accidentally got the cops pulled on a party."

"For whatever reason, I drove to a frat party one weekend. It was packed and I couldn’t find parking, so I parked in the neighbors’ driveway. Turns out I blocked their car in their garage and they were trying to go out for their anniversary. They called the cops, who found me and swiftly shut down the entire party!"

-Alyssa, Bowling Green University '18

2. "I walked into the wrong classroom."

"This one is so typical, but I sat down in the wrong class because I forgot that all of my classes wouldn’t be back-to-back like in high school. So I went to the room of my class about five hours too early. As more people started filing in I wondered why everyone looked so old. Turns out I was in a science class for seniors in pre-med. When the professor walked in and introduced herself, I grabbed my stuff and snuck out. I definitely heard laughter coming from the room as I walked away."

-Pat, Ohio State University '19

3. "I walked into the men’s restroom."

"I undressed in the girl’s room to shower, realized that I forgot clean clothes, and had to go out in my towel. When I came back I accidentally went in the other door for men’s and accidentally saw 2 guys naked!"

- Catie, University of Michigan '16

4. "I fainted from giving blood."

"So I guess I’m kind of a smallish guy, so when I gave blood I completely passed out like 20 minutes later on my way to class. I was just laying in the hallway and, since it was an early class, everyone thought I was passed out drunk. Embarrassing to say the least."

-Adam, University of Florida '19

5. "I wore my wet bikini to class."

"I had been swimming during the day with my friend, and I forgot to pack a bra and underwear for after. I couldn’t go get some because I had class in like ten minutes, so I just wore clothes over my swim suit. I thought it was at least mostly dry. By the end of the class, I had huge, very obvious wet marks from the suit. I couldn’t decide which was worse, the marks on the front or on the back."

-Lauren, Ohio State University '19

6. "My roommate was super religious."

"Basically I kept coming back to the room drunk and wearing tight clothing and it made her super uncomfortable. She invited me to go to church with her this one day and I agreed because why not right? Turns out she set up a meeting with her pastor and wanted me to talk to him about the dangers of alcohol and how I could find Christ."

-Melissa, Regent University '19

7. "I walked into the wrong house."

"I was drunk and accidentally walked into the wrong house and sat down on the couch. A bunch of chicks lived there and they thought I was trying to break in. They screamed at me to get out, thank god they didn’t call the cops."

-Mikey, University of Maryland '18

8. "I spilled my entire breakfast in the cafeteria."

"I was so tired, I don’t even know what happened, but suddenly everything was on the floor. My glass of orange juice and my sticky waffle that was covered in syrup. I tried to clean it up, and someone tried to help me, but the syrup wouldn’t come off. They had to call in the janitors to clean it up, I felt so bad."

-Rachael, Mount Union University '19

9. "I fell down on the treadmill."

"I was running on the treadmill pretty fast and, looking back on it, I had been pretty annoying in the gym that day like the typical gym bro in a muscle tank. Anyway I was running pretty hard and all of a sudden I trip up and fall flat on my face. It made a huge crash and everyone looked over at me, the people around me were stifling their laughter. My face turned so red and I just kept running while a bruise formed on my face."

-Jack, Miami University '19

10. "I opened a loud Snapchat during class."

"The Snap was from the night before when my friends and I had been out. I was doing a keg stand and my friends were all screaming and yelling profanities. I was an idiot and opened it when I got bored during class, forgetting that my volume was turned up all the way."

-Liam, University of Arizona '19

11. "I dropped underwear on my way to the laundry room."

"Oh gosh and they were such granny panties! Not sexy at all and when I go back to get them what do I see? A guy slingshotting them at his friend. I walked right past without claiming them. I never got those back."

-Emily, Case Western Reserve University

12. "A guy didn’t recognize me without makeup."

"I had been talking to this guy at a party the night before, nothing happened but we exchanged numbers. The next morning I had no makeup, was wearing my glasses, and had on sweatpants and a men’s t-shirt. I happened to see him in the cafeteria at breakfast and I waved at him and said hi. He looked so confused and waved back and walked away. Then he started texting me asking me to come have breakfast with him. I told him I just saw him and he texted back, 'That was you!??' needless to say that went nowhere."

-Kristen, Indiana University '17

13. "My crush found all my embarrassing selfies on my phone."

"I took them when I was feeling great and confident with what I was wearing. Then later that day my crush found them and laughed! I was so embarrassed because, looking back on them the next day, they were not sexy at all they just looked like I was trying really hard to look older. Plus my eyebrows were uneven."

-Alex, Tulane University '19

14. "I took someone’s Starbucks order."

"I was waiting for my Starbucks coffee and I thought I heard my name being called, so I took the cup that they put down. Then this girl comes up to me and is like, 'I think you took my drink by mistake, look at the name.' I looked down and was more embarrassed than I had ever been. I offered to buy her a new one but the line was so long and she didn’t have time to wait again. I gave her mine when it was ready but I could tell she didn’t like it and I saw her throw it away on her way out. Everyone was staring."

-Kayla, UCLA '19

15. "I Ran into my professor at a drug store at 1 in the morning."

"My professor was there getting medicine for his kid that had the flu or something. I was there with my friends because for some reason we needed a specific brand of ice cream very urgently (we weren’t quite sober). My professor struck up a conversation and we struggled to hold it together. The next day in class the professor goes, 'Did you guys have fun last night?' and gave us this knowing smile. It was awkward."

-Nick, Loyola University Chicago '18

Hopefully these awkward situations make you feel a little better about your own--they happen to everyone! So don't worry if you accidentally call your professor "mom" or drop all of your books in the hallway. Everyone has been there!

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