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Aug 21 2016
by Emmy Brady

7 Things Agnostic Students Are Tired of Hearing

By Emmy Brady - Aug 21 2016

An agnostic is a person who believes that it is impossible to prove or disprove the existence of a God or deity. Many people seem to think that this means we really do believe in a deity, but we're just going through a questioning phase. Others think we're atheists who don't want to seem like the "angry atheist" stereotype. Usually the comments people make are innocent enough, but sometimes hearing the same things over and over can be frustrating. Here are seven things we're tired of hearing.

1. “Are you angry at God about something?”

No, I am not angry with a being that I'm not sure exists.

2. “You should come to church with me and I can change your mind!”

As much as I appreciate your good intentions, I have no desire to attend your place of worship. Trust me, I’ve been to enough churches.

3. “Oh so you just haven’t decided yet?”

Well, not exactly. It’s not that I’m trying to decide whether or not I believe, I just think there isn’t enough evidence to decide either way.

4. “Wouldn’t it be better to believe in God just in case it’s real?”

Well, I guess so, but I can’t force myself to believe something that my human logic tells me is unprovable. Also, “just in case” sounds like a pretty shaky foundation for a life-long commitment to a faith.

5. “Don’t worry, you’ll find your way back to god eventually, and he always forgives.”

Thanks, but it seems as if you’ve missed the point of being agnostic. Also this kind of implies that you think that my beliefs (or lack thereof) are morally wrong.

6. “I’ll pray for you!”

Again, I appreciate the kind sentiment, but now this feels like you’re dismissing my point of view and forcing yours onto me. 

7. “Well, at least you’re not atheist.”

That’s kind of rude and judgmental. 

Discussing faith can be a tricky situation, but hopefully if you identify as agnostic you can respond to comments like these with patience and compassion. If you don't identify as agnostic, maybe try to refrain from saying things like these!

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