Orientation is a great time to get to know your campus, classes, and the people who you'll be spending the next four years with! It can also be a bit nerve-racking. So, to help you out with some of those college orientation jitters, we've put together a list of helpful reminders to keep your experience fun and relaxed! 

1. Ask Questions 

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Don’t be afraid to sound silly or clueless – chances are someone else has the same question but is too afraid to ask! No one will judge you for asking a genuine question, and now is the time to figure everything out so you’re not confused when school really starts. Your tour guide is a great resource and is there to help, so take advantage of all they have to offer. 

2. Walk Out Your Class Schedule 

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This can be super helpful to find out how long it takes to walk between classes, where bathrooms are, and maybe find some shortcuts if you live on a big campus! It can also help ease your nerves about your first real day of college.

3. Keep an Open Mind 

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A big part of the college experience is learning more about all kinds of people! Try to refrain from judging people based on appearances; someone you think you have nothing in common with may turn out to be an amazing friend!

4. Don’t Stress About Classes and Clubs Just Yet

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 For many colleges, orientation is the time for making schedules and choosing classes. Don’t be afraid to choose a class just because it sounds fun! Try to choose classes and times that are right for you, but if you don’t get the perfect schedule, try to make the best of it. Sometimes at orientation you can also sign up for extracurriculars; keep in mind that you don’t have to join everything, but you should try to get involved and participate in different organizations.

5. Everyone is Just as Nervous as You Are 

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Don’t worry! No one is judging you for being a little nervous or not knowing what’s going on – most people don’t! Orientation is the time to get acclimated and work out the kinks. Just enjoy the moment and get excited about your first year of college!

6. Have Fun 

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This may sound a bit cliché, but it’s worth stating nonetheless. This is a perfect time to meet fellow students and explore the school without any pressure. So relax, maybe grab some lunch with new friends, and look forward to the adventures you’ll have in the upcoming year!

Lead Image Source: David Mark via Pixabay.com