High school senior Isaac Perez caught the attention of the Twitter sphere last night with his spunky graduation announcement, posted online by his cousin Kaycee.

The student from Rogers High School in Washington state is passionate about design and art, and decided to create his own graduation announcement in honor of this passion.

Fresh U caught up with both Isaac and his cousin Kaycee over Twitter direct message. Kaycee commented,

"I'm very proud of his creativity. I'm always bragging on Isaac's artistic ability, and just had to tweet a picture of the announcement to show it off!"

The picture of the announcement undoubtedly brings brought back memories of childhood to everyone who favorited and retweeted it. In fact, Isaac noted,

"The reason why I chose this theme is because Disney Channel has always been a HUGE part of my childhood and I thought it would be a great way to tie in such an important time in my life and I thought it would connect to a lot of kids my age and would create a lot of great nostalgia!"

There's no doubt Isaac brought that nostalgia to the Twitter world Sunday night. In a final comment, Isaac stated,

"The Disney theme is also a subtle nod to the fact that I have always wanted to work for Disney because I have a passion for drawing and animation!"

Students everywhere are definitely big fans of your work Isaac, and we wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of your Disney dreams.

Lead Image Credit: Isaac Perez