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Nov 18 2016
by Amanda Morrison

Temple University's Own Crowd Funding System Helps Raise Funds for Student Organizations

By Amanda Morrison - Nov 18 2016

For the eighth semester in a row, Temple University's Office of Annual Giving is giving student organizations a way to further impact the school's community.

Located in North Philadelphia, PA, Temple is uniquely placed in an environment and community that needs support. That's why the University founded OwlCrowd, a crowd-funding program that is available for student, faculty and alumni use.

Fresh U caught up with Nicola Torchon, the Assistant Director of Young Alumni and Student Philanthropy at Temple, to learn more about OwlCrowd. Torchon noted,

OwlCrowd is a crowd funding campaign that allows students to get involved in the Temple community in another way. OwlCrowd is a little different than GoFundMe or KickStarter because our users can receive donations forever. There's no fee, no time limit, and all of the funds go to the organizations whether the full amount is actually raised or not.

One of OwlCrowd's keynote features is its annual campaign to benefit different student groups on Temple's campus. This semester, the site is aiding six different organizations with their community projects. Torchon stated that there were fourteen applications for only six spots:

These projects really benefit the community. We want to choose a project that tugs at the heart strings a little bit, a project that has a human element. This brings excitement and commitment from our donors.

Among this semester's line up for financial support are the Educational Community Garden Restoration, Speak Now Summer Camp and the Temple University On-Campus Emergency Medical Services Advancement.

The On-Campus EMS Advancement group is specifically intriguing, because this group is made up of Temple students who provide medical services during emergencies on Main Campus and the surrounding areas. This cohort of aspiring medical students volunteer their time and energy for the betterment of student, faculty and community lives.

Fresh U conducted an e-mail interview with Catherine Gibbs, a Temple sophomore studying neuroscience. Gibbs is heavily involved with TU EMS and provided insight into the benefits that this OwlCrowd campaign will bring:

This fundraising campaign is extremely unique, as it enables our organization to build an incredibly strong network through the alumni association and so many others. Having the opportunity to be promoted on Temple's website is an immense benefit for our project. As a student organization, we are limited in funding and do not receive any state assistance with supply purchase, so fundraising is critical for our organization's success!

Gibbs also reiterated how blessed her organization is to be, once again, included in an OwlCrowd campaign, as TU EMS was selected for the same campaign last year.

In order to learn more about OwlCrowd's current campaign to benefit Temple students or to donate, visit their website

The University's current fundraising opportunity for these student organizations will close on December 15th.

Torchon noted that other universities such as Pennsylvania State University and the University of California, Los Angeles have their own crowd funding platforms. If you know a student organization at your school that could use the support of campus crowd funding, check your college's website to see if they have their own version of OwlCrowd.

In this season of giving, it's important to remember local groups that could benefit from our support. 

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Amanda Morrison - Temple University

Amanda Morrison is a freshman at Temple University studying Global Studies and Strategic Communication with minors in Community Development and Spanish. Her favorite past activities include being a nationally ranked debater and inspecting cocoa beans in Tanzania. Amanda loves reading, writing and eating Chick-fil-A. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @manders051.

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