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Dec 26 2016
by Amanda Morrison

One Student's Dad Gave Her the Gift of Being An LGBTQ Ally This Christmas

By Amanda Morrison - Dec 26 2016

When Kent State University sophomore Dakotah Whitcomb asked for a gay pride flag for Christmas, she didn't expect to unwrap it on Christmas morning.

Dakotah identifies as bisexual, and her father gave her the flag on Christmas morning to celebrate her sexual orientation. Her tweet about the occurrence went viral:

Fresh U was able to catch up with Whitcomb via Twitter direct message. She commented,

"When I opened it and read the letter, it was just really touching. My dad is really accepting of me so it just made me even more happy that he is going to hang my pride flag along side his, my mother's, grandfathers, and brothers flag!"

Being accepted by your family and others is something every teen and student longs for, and Dakotah's story is certainly no exception. When asked what her dad thought about her tweet going viral, she replied:

"When I told him about all of the attention it got he was really shocked and didn't really understand because he gave me the present because he loves me and wanted me to know I was included in the family!"

Thank you, Ron Whitcomb, for giving your daughter the best gift this Christmas--the gift of love and acceptance.

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay

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Amanda Morrison - Temple University

Amanda Morrison is a freshman at Temple University studying Global Studies and Strategic Communication with minors in Community Development and Spanish. Her favorite past activities include being a nationally ranked debater and inspecting cocoa beans in Tanzania. Amanda loves reading, writing and eating Chick-fil-A. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @manders051.

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