On Tuesday, May 9, news broke that President Donald Trump fired the Director of the FBI James Comey. While Comey has been a contentious figure in politics for over a year now, many Democrats are unsupportive of his firing because they believe it is correlated to Trump's accused collusion with Russia. While political analysts and news agencies have brought forth numerous opinions on this action, Fresh U reached out to seven college students to get their perspective on the incident. Here are their responses:

Audrey Warters; Social Sciences major; Minerva Schools 2021

"Trump's firing of Comey is inherently a bit suspicious, especially following recent events in the media. While the White House claims that Comey's firing is linked to his conduct during the investigation into Hillary's private email server last year, his dismissal from the FBI happened in concurrence with allegations regarding Trump's collusion with the Russian government. I think that a private investigation is necessary to establish the linkage between Trump and the Russian government, and I am wholly disappointed in the Republican party for NOT condemning their supposed leader for his actions. This isn't an issue of partisan politics anymore--it's an issue of our national security, and we as Americans should be able to set aside our discontent for the 'other side' to see a clearly corrupt situation right in front of us."

Jacob Addington; Political Science and Strategic Communications majors; University of Missouri 2020

"I think he deserved to be fired after the whole election debacle, but I'm surprised at the timing of the termination. I expected it to happen earlier so I'm curious as to why he was fired now."

Jacob Kurtz; Community Development major; Temple University 2020

"To everyone who is out there that spent all of the 2016 Election complaining about emails, this mess is yours. Some people mess up, know they are not guilty, and allow themselves to be fully investigated: those people have character and fortitude. Other people mess up, know that they are guilty, and fire those investigating: those people have no character and deserve no respect. Let me rephrase it all: Hillary Clinton has character and fortitude, Trump has zero character and deserves zero respect. This isn't a new revelation, some of you were too focused on emails to hear everyone else's warnings."  

  • Karly Matthews; Political Science and Journalism majors, Spanish minor; Temple University 2020

"I honestly thought that Comey's firing would have bipartisan support. His actions regarding the investigation Clinton's campaign definitely affected popular opinion of her as a candidate, and frankly, I thought he was going to resign after an interview in which he said he was 'sick to his stomach' thinking he may have affected the election. As for any investigation in Russian ties, Comey's firing is not going to stop those investigations, and I think that the American people are getting tired of those investigations. Even during Sally Yates' hearing, many expected to hear incriminating information about Trump and none was found. I think that firing Comey was a good move, and honestly, I would expect that Comey is relieved to be able to move on from the whole situation."

Katie Weaver; English and Political Science majors; Temple University 2020

"The entire situation surrounding Comey's firing is just very suspicious and was not well executed. Comey was not even informed personally, he was at an FBI briefing in California and the news came over the TVs in the background. Sean Spicer's responses to questions were crudely constructed and mostly consisted of 'I don't know's.' If the people at the top of the hierarchy aren't even aware of the specifics of this firing, that, to me, seems like an abuse of power situation on the part of Trump or whoever is directing him on all this. I saw a tweet that Democrats themselves were calling for Comey's firing back in November, and now we're pretending to be upset. That's not what we're upset about; we just want a little more closure as to why he was fired and some specific reasoning behind the decision (i.e. who decided, who was told, who made the move). And really, this shouldn't even be something we have to demand to know in an open, transparent system of government like the U.S. claims to be."

Koby Ljunggren; Biochemistry major; Missouri State University 2020

"While I didn't agree with former FBI Director Comey on many issues during his tenure, having him removed from office during a sensitive investigation is concerning. The reason for his dismissal from the Department of Justice seems to be late and lacking in substance. Furthermore, this threatens the credibility of the future of the investigation into Trump's campaign. I'm not sure that we can be certain that a Trump political appointee will uphold the integrity of the Bureau."

Lindsay Lawver; Psychology and Family and Human Services majors; John Brown University 2020

"It's concerning to me that President Trump has fired three officials who were investigating him. Particularly concerning is the timing of this most recent firing of FBI Director Comey. It's suspicious that Comey was fired a few days after requesting more resources for the Russia investigation. We deserve more of an explanation than that Comey was not doing a good job because by requesting more resources, it appears that he was doing his job. I believe that it's now safe to assume that the Trump administration is attempting a cover-up, and I believe this most recent action by President Trump will only escalate the investigation. This should alarm people of all parties because it does not take much more than common sense to conclude that this is suspicious, and one only needs a little knowledge of American history to see the Watergate parallels. Trump's new boardroom is the Oval Office, and he's firing people for doing their jobs -- jobs that he does not know how to do."

While reactions to Trump's action are mixed, college students across the board seem to be unsure of why this action was taken in the first place. Hopefully further developments on this subject will continue to be released, and college students as well as the American public as a whole will have clearer, more truthful answers as to why President Trump really fired controversial former FBI Director James Comey.

Lead Image Credit: MSNBC