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Feb 24 2016
by Amanda Moore

12 Things You'll Understand If You're the Introvert of the Friend Group

By Amanda Moore - Feb 24 2016

1. You need to have one of your friends with you at all times, just in case you get dragged into a conversation.

It’s so awkward to run into someone you kinda know and then not really know what to say to him or her. Having a friend there always alleviates the awkwardness and they normally do most of the talking for you.

2. You really, really hate when your friends suggest going to a party.

You spend the whole night standing in your own little corner anyway. Might as well stay in.

3. Netflix nights in, or even study nights in your dorm room, literally sound like heaven.

You don’t have to put on pants. You can curl up under blankets. And, best of all, you don’t have to deal with people at all. Perfection.

4. You always wait until the last minute to agree to plans, saying “maybe” to keep them off your tail.

Friday night might be better spent going to a quiet coffee shop as opposed to the rager down the street. But, to not look rude, you say “maybe” until the day of.

5. Walking into a room full of a lot of people is actually your worst nightmare, even with your friends at your side.

They’re always talking loudly and everyone seems to know each other and you just want to go home and curl up in your bed.

6. Fighting with your friends just doesn’t happen.

You tend to avoid confrontation in every possible way. This is a good thing, but also a really bad thing.

7. Making friends wasn’t your forte and you’re constantly afraid you’re being clingy.

You probably have like five friends, tops, and you’re constantly aware of not texting them everyday or being that clingy friend that gets annoying super fast.

8. You break out of your shell and act really weird when it’s just you and your close friends.

They wonder why you’re not normally like this.

9. You’re exhausted after going out with your super extroverted friend who knows everyone on campus.

You’ll be walking to the dining hall and they will stop to have a conversation with each person you guys pass.

10. You’re called the “shy friend” and don’t really have a problem with it.

As long as it means people know that you’re not up for loud parties and intense conversations, it’s fine by you.

11. Your friends know to help you avoid those screaming drunk people at parties and you’re eternally grateful.

And they also try not to become the annoying screaming people at the party.

12. Your friends are constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone.

You know they’re only trying to help you and make you have fun, but it’s probably the most annoying thing ever.

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Amanda Moore - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Amanda Moore is a freshman at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville majoring in Global Studies and hoping to travel the world. In high school, she was the Arts & Entertainment editor of her high school newspaper, The Knightly News. She loves to read and write, as well as drink coffee and shop too much.

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