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Oct 12 2016
by Alyssa Lam

23 DIY Seasonal Dorm Décor You'll 'Fall' For

By Alyssa Lam - Oct 12 2016

Whether or not you're in college where there are four seasons, fall is one of the best times of the year. Surround yourself with the scents, cozy feelings, warmth and love this autumn — and more so — with these DIYs.

Door Decor

Feel like you are welcomed home every time you enter your dorm with these door decorations. They'll be sure to stand out from the bleak dorm hallways.

1. Leaf Monogram

Materials needed: wooden leaf cutout, wooden letter cutout, dark paint (red, orange, yellow and/or brown, gold), paintbrushes, twine, scissors, wood glue, gold glitter spray (optional).

2. Clothespin Wreath

Materials needed: cardboard, scissors, paint, clothespins, photos/scrapbooking paper, hot glue/permanent glue.

3. Burlap Wreath

Materials needed: burlap, ribbon (optional), 12" wire wreath frame, black pipe cleaners, wired ribbon, leaves/flowers and/or wooden letters/numbers to decorate (optional), hot glue/permanent glue.

Wall Art

The best way to decorate inside your dorm is to hang things on the walls. Try these DIYs to add to your current dorm decorations.

4. Pumpkin Canvas

Materials needed: canvas, paints/paint pens, paintbrushes.

5. Fall Leaf Canvas

Materials needed: canvas, black paint (if canvas is not already black), paint brushes, loose faux fall leaves, scissors, hot glue/permanent glue.

6. Fall Garland

Materials needed: loose faux fall leaves, twine, book pages you don't mind getting cut and ruined, scissors, clothespins.

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jar crafts add a rustic fall feel to any place. Include flameless tea lights to create that soothing ambiance without getting in trouble for having a fire hazard. Use mason jars as candy holders too, just in time for Halloween.

7. Branch/Twig Candle Holder

Materials needed: twigs/branches from outside, flameless tea light (optional), mason jar, hot glue/permanent glue.

8. Maple Leaf Mason Jar

Materials needed: mason jar, twine, loose faux leaves, Modge Podge, paint brushes, flameless tea light (optional).

9. Cinnamon Orange Air Freshener

Materials needed: mason jar, water absorbing polymer, essential oils (cinnamon, orange), tulle (optional), twine, cinnamon stick.

10. "Pick Your Poison" Candy Mason Jar

Materials needed: mason jar, candy (of your choice), printable, ribbon/twine/tulle (optional for decorating), scissors, tape/glue, scrapbooking paper.

11. Candy Corn Mason Jar

Materials needed: mason jar, paint, paint brushes, candy (of your choice), twine.

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"Fall"-ing for Flannel

Nothing screams "fall" more than a cozy flannel. Warm up your space and include this seasonal fabric in your bedding, at your desk or for your hot drinks.

12. Fringe DIY Flannel Throw Blanket

Materials needed: flannel-pattern/plaid fabric, sewing needle, thread (in a complementary color to your fabric), scissors.

13. DIY Flannel Pillow

Materials needed: flannel (one you won't mind using and never wearing again), scissors, sewing machine (or sew by hand with a sewing needle and thread), blank pillow.

14. Flannel Coasters

Materials needed: flannel shirt or fabric, hard felt, sewing machine/sewing needle (or use fabric glue), thread, iron (optional but ideal), scissors.


15. Flannel Cup Warmers

Materials needed: fabric glue/hot glue, scissors, flannel shirt or fabric.

Pinecone DIYs

Pinecones will be sure to remind you of fall, especially if you are somewhere where pinecones are not as common. Incorporate these into your dorm room today.

16. DIY Scented Pinecones

Materials needed: pinecones, essential oils (your choice; recommended: cinnamon, clove, peppermint, nutmeg), gallon zip-top bag, large bowl or sink filled with water, oven (with cookie sheet and tray; only if you are using natural pinecones).

17. Painted Pinecones

Materials needed: plastic cup, acrylic paint, bamboo skewer or disposable chopstick, pinecones, wax paper, oven/microwave, baking sheet and tray.

18. Ombre Pinecones

Materials needed: pinecones, acrylic paint (main color & white), angled paint brush, old toothbrush (if you are taking pinecones from outside).

19. Pinecone Owls

Materials needed: pinecones, felt (in assorted colors), scissors, hot glue/permanent glue, brown pipe cleaners.

Perfect Pumpkins

Pumpkins are plentiful during the fall and can serve as decorations not just at home, but also in your dorm. Order fresh pumpkins online, go pumpkin picking at an orchard nearby or make fake pumpkins with the DIYs below.

20. No-Carve Painted Pumpkins

Materials needed: pumpkin(s), paint(s)/paint pens, glitter (optional), paint brushes.

21. Useful Pumpkins

Materials needed: pumpkin(s), carving knife and spoon (if necessary), flowers/plants, pebbles & succulents (for succulent holder).

22. Faux Pumpkins

Materials needed:

Paper Bag Pumpkin: hot glue/permanent glue, paper bag, white acrylic paint, pushpin, styrofoam block, rubber bands, flameless tea lights (optional), twine, Spanish moss, hair dryer (optional), paint brushes, paint bowl, craft knife.

Burlap Pumpkin: Modge Podge, twine, polyfill stuffing, rubber bands, burlap, pencil, aluminum foil, scissors, faux leaves (optional).

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkin: toilet paper roll, decorating material of your choice (scrapbooking paper, newspaper, glitter, paint & paint brushes, washi tape, ribbon, etc.), Modge Podge, branch or cinnamon stick, burlap scraps, twine, hot glue/permanent glue.

23. Geode Pumpkin

Materials needed: pumpkin(s), acrylic or spray paints, styrofoam balls, knife or metal ruler, X-ACTO knife, hot glue/permanent glue, Modge Podge, glitter spray (optional), glue spray, water.

With these fall DIYs you can easily turn your dorm room from drab to the coziest one on campus. You'll be ready to curl up under your blankets and watch Disney Halloween movies in no time!

Lead Credit Image: Pexels

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