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Dec 18 2016
by Alyssa Lam

10 Ways to Utilize Sticky Notes

By Alyssa Lam - Dec 18 2016

Out of all the school supplies college students buy, it seems as if sticky notes are a must-have, but ironically, not many of us use them. With these sticky note hacks and tips, you can now be on your way to becoming the sticky note master. There are so many ways to utilize sticky notes. Find what suits your lifestyle.

1. Bookmark

This one is pretty straightforward and the most popular use of stick notes with college students. Sticky notes come in handy when it comes to reading and marking textbooks. With college rental books, you cannot write or highlight directly on the page but sticky notes will help you jot down everything you need to remember from the reading. Use sticky notes not just to mark your place, but color code to help you study. Write test questions or questions you have while reading. The possibilities are endless. Need a more extensive description of how to study with sticky notes? Visit this blog.

2. Lists

Another pretty conventional use for sticky notes, listing will help keep your life in order whether that be to-do lists for the day, week, or even month, or a grocery shopping list. They are small and compact and keep you organized and task-oriented.

3. Planning

Next semester, consider keeping yourself on task with your homework, study schedule and extracurricular activities by using sticky notes to help you plan. Color-code your planner by day or by subject. Living with multiple roommates? Color Code Your Roommate Duties so you can make sure everyone is completing their duties. You can also create this cool fun, calendar that doubles as a wall decoration for your dorm.

4. Label/Tag

Use sticky notes as a label or a tag to mark your stuff. If you have multiple cords, use sticky notes to keep them organized so when you go to grab on, you do not have to trace your way from the end of the cord to the outlet and untangle it from others. For food in your dorm fridge, label expiration dates on food. You can even mark due dates on library books or label your folders and binders. Celebrating a special event soon and don't have time to go get a banner? Make one with sticky notes. No matter what the project may be, you can also print onto sticky notes using this template and step-by-step instructions.

5. Craft/DIY

Use sticky notes to make crafts! Have a lot of sticky notes that you can waste? Create a cool flip book for yourself or a friend. Try out the Japanese art of paper folding, origami, that requires square paper that sticky notes are perfect for. You can find many tutorials like the one below on YouTube by typing in "origami sticky note." Use sticky notes to create colorful murals, gift wrap, or even a photo booth backdrop.

6. Motivation

We all need a little motivation in our life, so make it a constant reminder by posting inspirational messages all over your common spaces. This is extremely beneficial if you are going through a stressful time in your life and just need a reminder that you can get through it, or if you're on a fitness journey where you need a boost to keep on going.

7. Games

Need an icebreaker? Use sticky notes to play taboo with friends or use it as scraps of paper in games where they're needed.

8. Notes

Use sticky notes to leave little messages for your loved ones, around the dorm for your roommates or even to yourself. Need a fun DIY to start working on next year? Write one note everyday in 2017 and at the end, read them all to look back on the memories.

9. Renovation Hacks

College students aren't really ones to renovate on a more drastic level but should you ever need to construct some furniture or drill holes, use sticky notes to collect sawdust or to separate and organize nuts and bolts.

10. Learning

Learning a new language? Use sticky notes to label things around the room as you learn new vocabulary, like this man in this adorable, holiday commercial.

Sticky notes are essentials for a reason, so find ways to make the most of them with these DIY tips and tricks this winter break and next semester.

Lead Credit Image: Pexels

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