Whether you are a student looking to make one to send to a friend, or have a college student attending school away from home, these themed care package suggestions are sure to make any recipient's day! The following ideas listed below come with lists of what to include but are easily open to your personal customization.

1. Color-Themed

Whether your best friend’s color is orange or blue, there are endless possibilities for a completely one-color, pun-filled package. Not to mention, opening a box like these is sure to satisfy even the most organized, color-coordinated person in your life! Instructions are very self-explanatory and easy; just be sure to stick to your color of choice when picking items for the box.

- Orange you glad it’s almost over?/Orange you glad I’ll see you soon?

- Pinking of you!

- I’ll be so blue without you/Something out of the blue, just for you!

- Yellow, how are you?/Hello sunshine!


2. Movie/Cartoon Character

Have a friend who is obsessed with Marvel, Disney, or Pokémon? Why not make a package dedicated to their love? These adorable and creative boxes are a sure-fire way to impress any passionate cartoon/movie lover.

 - Just keep swimming. (Goldfish crackers, Finding Dory fruit snacks, oyster crackers, plush Dory/Nemo, tuna packets, sour gummy worms, Finding Dory paper plates)

- Dear [university name], let him/her go! (Frozen plush, Frozen coloring book, colored pencils, freeze-dried ice cream, gummy carrots, snowflake window clings, mint Oreos)

- I’ll miss you a monstrous amount! (Monster energy drinks, Monsters University DVD, Monsters University bandages, Monsters University pencils)

- Adventure is out there! (Latex balloons, trail mix, granola bars, plush Dug/Kevin, map, chocolate bars, UP DVD)

- You can go the distance. (Hercules DVD, protein bars, plush Pegasus, protein powder, Gatorade chews, reusable water bottle, various snacks)

- I choose/chews you! (Pikachu plush, ketchup, Pokémon collectors’ DVD set, Pokémon Go Team Cap, Pokémon snack, Pocky)

- You’re one in a minion! (Despicable Me (1/2/Minion Movie) DVD, Fluffy Unicorn plush, Despicable Me mug, Despicable Me paper cups, banana candies)


3. Movie Night

Speaking of movies, instead of centering a box on just one, why not send your pal a whole bunch of movies all at once? Include some popcorn and a set of yours or their favorite must-sees to create a personalized movie night in!

- Just popping in to say hello! (Include microwave popcorn, popcorn containers, a set of your-choice DVDs, assorted candy boxes, a couple 16oz. sodas and trail mix)

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4. Open When...

If you’ve never heard of these already or have not seen them show up at least once in your Pinterest feed, then you are doing something wrong! These Open When letters are a beyond popular gift to anyone you care about. Make these for your significant other, best friend or even sibling when you go away to college to remind them that no matter what occasion, you’ll always be there. Grab some stationary and envelopes and you’re on your way. Take it up a notch even further and turn it into a care package as well! Follow this link for 120 Open When Letter Ideas.


5. Food

I can tell you right now, nothing would make me happier than opening a box full of gifted food. These quirky food puns will blow your food-loving recipient away no matter what their favorite food is. College students are known to be broke and live off of ramen noodles; change it up for them and they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

- Donut know what I’ll do without you! (Dunkin Donuts/Krispy Crème gift card, Hostess Donettes, Original Donut Shop Keurig K-Cups, donut socks, donut wall calendar, donut shaped micro-bead pillow)

- I’m going to miss you a latte. (Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks gift card, Keurig K-Cups or instant coffee/tea packages, mug, coffee stirrers, sugar, thermos, disposable coffee cups and lids, biscotti cookies, coffee socks)

- It’s soda-pressing being apart! (16oz. sodas, Soda Attack scented erasers, Soda Pop Jelly Beans, soda can lids, Coca-Cola vintage wall art)

- You’re souper! (Assorted can soups, retro Campbell soup wall art, large mug, spoon, saltine crackers and a soup thermos)

- I’ve been salty without you! (Any salty food will do!)

- Miss you berry much! (Berry flavored snacks and candies, homemade berry pies, jam and toast, berry scented room spray)

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6. Animal

For the animal lover in your life, check out these paw-some packages you can send their way anytime! They’re heartwarming gifts that is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. Include a plush or ceramic of the animal to enhance the package even more.

- Hang in there! (Banana candies, Monkey plush, Rainforest Decomposition notebook, dancing monkey pencils, jar of peanut butter, banana or monkey socks, Barrel of Monkeys game, fruit snacks)

- I’ll miss you a ton. (Jar of peanut butter or peanuts, water bottles, elephant plush, elephant ear cookies, elephant paper clips, elephant sticky notes)

- Life without you is unbearable/I can’t bear being apart! (Gummy bears, plush teddy bear, trail mix, salmon packets, s’mores Oreos, forest poster, Poptarts)

- Missing you right meow/Wish you were here right meow! (Cat plush, cat post-it note dispenser, cat cellphone mount, Trader Joe’s chocolate cat cookies for people, tuna packets, cat napkins, cat socks)

- Missing you is ruff! (Dog socks, dog tape dispenser with paperclip bones, dog washi tape set, candy bones, biscuit cookies, dog plush)

- Oh shell! We are slowly but surely getting there! (Snap Pea crisps, Ritz crackers, chocolate pecan turtles, turtle plush, turtle thumbtacks, turtle notepad)

- You’re the sweetest catch! (Goldfish crackers, gummy worms, Swedish fish candies, oyster/saltine crackers, ocean stickers, no maintenance desk aquarium)


7. Holiday

Can’t spend your holiday with your loved one/best friend? Send them something to remind them that they aren’t forgotten during the holiday season. Halloween creates a great opportunity to send candy and Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it. These are also very easy to fill with items from the dollar section at Target usually located in the front of the store when you walk in. Simply buy items from the party store a couple weeks ahead of the send date. Feel free to celebrate other holidays with a box besides the ones mentioned below as well.

- Eye can’t wait to see you! (Halloween)

- Just for boo! (Halloween)

- Thankful for you. (Thanksgiving)

- Just Claus I miss you. (Christmas; Tip: Include a classic Christmas movie DVD)

- Packaged with love. (Valentine’s Day)

- I’ll miss you a chocolate! (Valentine’s Day)

- You’re egg-cellent! (Easter)

- Some bunny loves you! (Easter)

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8. Seasonal

Similar to holidays, your fellow college student is going to have to endure most of the seasons at school. Remind them that spring is around the corner or embrace the harsh winters that come with going to a school up north. No matter what time of year, these easy packages will make the weather a bit more enjoyable despite the studying they have to do.

- Distance is a beach. (Flip flops, party store leis, drink umbrellas, inflatable beach ball, sunglasses, watermelon gummies, chips, coconut water, seashells and homemade cookies using these cookie cutters)

- I’m snow bored without you! (Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, gloves, snowflake window clings, handmade paper snowflakes, scarf or throw blanket, fuzzy socks)

- I’ll never leaf you! (leaves from home if home is in the Northeast or these fake ones, hot cocoa packages, apple cider, pumpkin spice K cups, pumpkin candy corn, snickerdoodle cookies, wreath, fall/autumn air freshener spray)

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9. Birthday

Spending your birthday away at college may take getting used to because you’re away from family and friends from home who know you the most and celebrate it with you. Instead of sending a simple gift to your friend, take time to make one of these packages and you’ll definitely make it feel like a special day for them! Fill it with their favorite things and toss in birthday cake flavored Oreos and these candles while you’re at it.

- Even if we’re miles away, I hope you have a very special day!

- Just wanted to say, happy birthday!


10. Miscellaneous

Besides the themed boxes I have mentioned above, there are plenty of other options including the following. Check them out; maybe they’ll be the ones for you!

- 10 Things I Miss About You! (Include 10 items)

- Distance means nothing when friendship means everything! (General)

- Ice Cream Sundae/Hot Cocoa in a Box (Sprinkles, ice cream cones, plastic spoons, mason jars, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, candy toppings, hot chocolate melts on a stick, mugs, candy canes)

- Ohhhhh, we’re halfway there! (Great for the halfway mark)


Not crafty? Purchase a pre-made empty care package box from Etsy and fill it yourself! Hope to see these packages being delivered to a college campus starting this fall! For more suggestions, visit Pinterest or @creativecarepackages on Instagram.

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