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Jul 02 2016
by Alyssa Lam

10 Artists and Art Students You Should Be Following on Instagram

By Alyssa Lam - Jul 02 2016

Whether or not you’re an arts major, enjoy participating in it as a hobby or simply find fascination in the arts, here are some amazing young artists and art students you should be following on Instagram and some inside information on what it's like pursuing careers in the arts:

1. @daleyelaina

Elaina is a sculpture, photography & textiles student at The School of Media Arts & Design in London. The main inspiration of her work is travel, nature and “just life itself." In our interview, she explained that she finds enjoyment making things out of unconventional materials and has strengths in photography, as she likes to give objects a new lease on life and capturing the world around her. Her advice to new art students? "Experiment with new materials and don’t stop, even when you think you’re making bad art. Embrace your creativity and what makes you different instead of overemphasizing the importance of good marks and perfect grades." Follow this account and her journeys!

2. @johnny_doodleme

Jonathan Hayden is a graduate student pursuing an MFA in fashion design at The Savannah College of Art and Design. His source of inspiration stems from reading dystopian satire and non-fiction books in the realm of sociology and design. He also says that comic books and cartoons are a constant source for getting a visual started. His advice to new students is to stay humble, as it will, “...allow you to take criticism, ask for help when you need it, sustain interest in the work of others, maintain relationships long after school, and genuinely compel you to praise others rather than yourself.” He is a definite person to follow, as his designs speak for themselves. Who knows? Maybe we will see his designs in the near future!

3. @isabellustrations

Isabelle Hobbs is fine art student at Plymouth University. She describes her inspirations as whatever fuels her subconscious, where a majority of her drawings stem from. This includes her thoughts and opinions regarding past and present friends, lovers, doctrines and her surroundings, as well as who she wants to be and who she’s not, sex workers and emotional turbulence, she explains. Her top tip? “Never ever ever ever ever ever ever stop drawing/painting/printing. Whatever medium you love and feel confident in, never stop practicing it, you will never waste time while exploring a medium.” Her unique drawings and artwork speak louder than words, so go ahead and give her a follow. You will never be disappointed!

4. @frizzellfry

Adam Frizzell is a photographer based in New Hampshire who actually did not go to art school and offers a different perspective into the world of art. In his interview, he explained that it was a good thing for him, and, “If you are confident in your work and have the passion to create, there are plenty of connections and outlets to go to outside of art schools.” Whether or not you are thinking about going to art school, his advice is to at least try it out, as you will meet, “...lots of people to create with, professors who really enjoy educating the youth and access to equipment”. His source of inspiration stems from the natural beauty that surrounds us and how that beauty is translated across several mediums whether it be photography, design, painting, pottery and more. Overall, he advises incoming students to “stay true to their creation, be alert and feel the love.” Follow Adam today for beautiful and inspiring photos!

5. @zazdesigns

Zaz Watts is a student at Plymouth College of Art in England and is currently doing an extended diploma in illustration. What inspires her the most is nature and “all that comes with it.” She enjoys trying to recreate wild images with a mandala influence. Her advice to incoming art students is, “No art is bad art and to keep trying and practicing new techniques until you find what you’re most passionate about.” @zazdesigns is truly unique in style, so follow her today!

6. @alexkempdesign

Alex is a student at Canterbury College who is doing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Visual Communication and Design. He finds himself mainly inspired by his surroundings and certain phrases he can associate with that place. He even says that sometimes, a random word will pop into his head and from there, he works from the images that the word inspires within him. His advice to incoming art students is to never ever give up: “Even if you feel as if your art is miles worse that everyone else’s, and trust me, I’ve been there, one day there’s going to be that moment where you think to yourself ‘You know what, I’ve come so far since I started.’” Follow him for amazing graphic designs!

7. @sydoodle_

Sydney is currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage and is in the visual arts program. Her biggest inspirations are other artists, her favorite being James Christensen. She is also constantly inspired by the world and people around her and says that, “I can’t go a day without drawing someone interesting who I’ve seen.” The biggest piece of advice she has for art students is to, “Make art for yourself, not to make money. If you are true to what you want to create, the opportunities will come later. Just worry about making something that you feel proud of and it will feel so much better, and turn out a lot better as well.” Follow Sydney today for marvelous original pieces!

8. @xbateelx

Bateel is a student at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a degree in visual communication. Her biggest inspirations come from graffiti and street art. When she wants to come up with something new, she describes it as looking around to find new ideas. “They could be strange sometimes, but once I add them to my artwork, they start to blend in with the vibe.” Bateel likes to check out other artists in order to come up with her own individual perspective. For new art students, “Be patient to get where you want. Just because it did not work once or twice, it doesn't mean it never will, you just have to start your work at the right time and place. In art school, whenever you see somebody’s artwork, you tend to work harder to do better than them, but each person has their own perspective and style in art. Just because other people are doing it differently, doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong.” Follow her today for her unique perspective on life as she inspires you as well!

9. @20somethingart

Cat Ward studied foundation art at Eastleigh College and is now doing a fine arts degree at Southampton Solent University, about to go into her second year. She gets her inspiration from her peers, pets, the internet and simply whatever grabs her attention. She originally trained in animal management and was a dog groomer for a few years so animals and nature are a “massive” part of her work. She also has a huge interest in microbiology and anatomy that plays a big role in her art as well. Her advice to incoming students: “Have confidence in yourself but be prepared for constructive criticism and viewpoints. You will have times where you feel lost, confused and feel like your work isn’t good enough; but know that even the most famous and successful artists experience these feelings... move past and use those feelings to strengthen your work and enjoy what you’re doing. There’s little point in pouring your heart and soul into your work if you’re not enjoying it at the same time!” Follow Cat today and view her fabulous creations that are one-of-a-kind!

10. @abowtiekindofguy

Chheangkea Ieng is currently a third-year architecture student at MIT. When asked what inspires him, he described the following, “I think emotions; the way I feel and the way others feel... I think that the best artworks are produced by this intense rush of passions that makes you want to turn the lights on and get working... when I’m feeling strong emotions because of my personal experiences and issues that I see in the world.” As for advice, he says that the most important thing that anyone can do for themselves is to not let society stop you from being whatever you want to be. “College is about self-discovery and making open human connections with others. To me, that has been way more important than all the academic lessons I've learned. In high school, I wanted to get into MIT and focused on math and science even though I’ve always known being in the arts is what I wanted to do. But being on my own in a new place has set me free to be my most authentic self.” For him, college has been a confusing time and he is currently contemplating going to film school. But whatever he decides, he promises to be his own person and follow his true passions, encouraging us all to do the same. Follow him on this journey of not only breathtaking art but self-discovery! 

Lead Image Credit: Jeremy Mowforth via Flickr Creative Commons

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