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Feb 07 2018
by Alyson Chuyang

Top Sites College Students Can Access To Get News and Entertaining Content

By Alyson Chuyang - Feb 07 2018

Nothing is more appealing to me than enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel, while the news plays in the background on a quiet morning. As a journalism major, I have been trying to keep up with my news as much as I can, and I enjoy so much just to discuss with my fellow journalists about topics spread across the headlines. I really encourage everyone to follow up on the news more, and there are many ways to do that without having to pick up a tangible paper! Here are some of my favorite places to go to read up on the latest stories.

For when you want the news quick and easy...

1. The Skimm

An email that greets you every morning and gives you the biggest headlines with a literal skimm of what happened. They also give fun headlines with short snippets about news that isn’t so serious and harsh.

2. The Hustle

This email news is for my business and tech majors out there. This gives you a good chunk of information about what is happening in the stock market, what small businesses are on the move or simply acknowledgments about how much a CEO of a certain tech company makes.

For when you want a break from the news articles…

These two websites are great to take the edge off the seriousness that the above websites might report. They give more personal advice or interesting cultural stories.

1. Verily

This website has a very clean cut look, which I am always drawn to because it gives focus to the stories without all the extra fluff. It's like reading a lifestyle magazine because it spans from categories such as beauty and health to relationships and culture. 

2. Bustle

This is a great website if you like to keep up on pop culture and celebrity news. They also have relationship and fashion advice as well, and really fun flowcharts to help you decide on the pertinent needs in your life. 

For when you want food for thought...

These two are a mixture of listicles that give you advice on a variety of topics, as well as personal essays. I love these websites because I am drawn to personal essays and hearing about other college students experiences that may reflect my own.

1. Harness

The reason I love this website is because it has articles with a lot of substance. They accept essays and stories from anyone, and work with you to publish an article. They touch on topics that not a lot of publications like to talk about, and they are super authentic.

2. The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a great website for college students because it is written by college students! It has students perspective on political and cultural events while sprinkling in some funny articles about Viners or the latest Twitter trend. It gives variety and I love reading from friends who contribute to the publication.

By the way, the last four websites take submissions and more writers for their publication if you are interested in becoming a writer! 

News and media is an outlet that everyone should take advantage of. You don’t have to be a journalism major like me, but keeping up with the latest stories and being aware of what is going on around the world is extremely beneficial. Not only does it improve your worldly scope about different topics, but it helps you become more engaged with your community. You can make a difference but it all starts with being knowledgeable about what is happening! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash

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Alyson Chuyang - San Jose State University

Alyson is an aspiring journalist from the sunny state of California. She is pursuing journalism at San Jose State University and takes inspiration from her experiences around campus and in her sorority. In her free time, she loves to go to concerts, play with her two-year old Westie, and try new food spots. She also blogs about all of it on her personal blog,!

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