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Jun 25 2017
by Alyson Chuyang

To Rush Or Not To Rush a Sorority

By Alyson Chuyang - Jun 25 2017
I know what you are probably thinking: This bubblegum prep sorority girl will now explain to you why she joined an organization to “become a part of something bigger than herself.” Well, you’re wrong.

I was on the fence about rushing, because I didn’t want to become a stereotype, and I felt that all the portrayals of Greek life in movies showed me a high school part two. I doubted that three days would determine which house I would belong to and the commitment sounded terrifying. I heard it all weekend: “It’s not just four years, it’s for life!” A statement meant to sound like a comforting, permanent home, turned horrifying for a girl who couldn’t even commit to a school a couple months back.

But I’m here to tell you, it is worth a shot. If you are even the slightest bit interested in going Greek, do it! You have multiple years to rush, but if you do end up getting a bid from a house, you're going to want to spend as much time with them, right? Depending on the presence of Greek life on your campus, you may or may not get called back to a house to join. And that’s OK. At least you gave it your best. You can’t win 'em all.

And if you don’t like it, don’t feel pressured to join.

No one is forcing you to be anything, commit to anything, transform into anything. The process simply gives the house a feel for you, and you a feel for them. It really is up to you to find the girls you feel comfortable with. Of course, we as humans naturally cannot be compatible with everyone, and that is going to happen. However, don’t feel pressured to join just because everyone else is going Greek. It really is your choice. However, you could potentially meet the best people going through.

In the short span of three days, I met so many girls and created genuine friendships with many of them. Some of them even became my sisters by the end of it all, and it made the experience even better. It definitely is a great way to transition into the university life, because you encounter so many people, and recognizing them on campus makes you more comfortable. Trust.

Some things to think about beforehand:

1. Greek life doesn’t make you better than everyone else.

Oftentimes, people dismiss rushing because they see sorority girls as pompous individuals who care for nothing but themselves and hold themselves on a higher pedestal. Don’t think that rushing will do this for you. We take appreciation to what our organization has brought us. You never know what type of people you will meet in Greek life, and the values that you will learn through the organization. The support system is endless, and that's why we may talk about it a little too much. But don’t believe that you are better, because that is not what rushing and joining Greek life is about.

2. Don’t join for the wrong reasons.

I’m not going to lie, I saw it going through my recruitment weekend. Girls that had been rushing alongside me were beginning to talk of the sororities' Instagram pages, and which was the cutest or most popular on the west coast. While the recruitment process may make you think looks are everything, they are not. There had also been talk of the crazy toga parties and which sorority was close with which fraternity. Yeah, the social aspect of a sorority is amazing, but not everything. Don’t join a sorority if you think that’s all you’re planning to do. It won’t be a good fit.

3. Don't be fake.

The absolute worst thing to do while rushing is try to be another person. You are going through the process to find which house suits you best! If you are constantly trying to figure out which each house likes, just to get into one, you're going in with the wrong mindset. Also, you'll find that you really don't like the place you're in because you faked it till you made it, literally. It's definitely not the way to go, and you'll find the process a lot more helpful if you be yourself! 

4. Literally, just have fun.

Rushing sounds overwhelming, but when it comes down to it, it is just a bunch of girls like you who want to be apart of an organization that can potentially better themselves! Don't take things too seriously, this isn't a life-changing decision either. Go in and meet girls, dress cute, and have fun! 

Overall, I am advising an open mind and an optimistic one at that! I never expected myself to join a sorority, but being in one has been an amazing experience. Sisters who have your back and will support you in anything you do, is a great feeling and especially amazing way to transition into my first year of college. No, I don’t just do it for the Instagram posts and cute boys, but I guess ... there is always that fun side to it too. 

Lead Image Credit: Alyson Chuyang

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Alyson Chuyang - San Jose State University

Alyson is an aspiring journalist from the sunny state of California. She is pursuing journalism at San Jose State University and takes inspiration from her experiences around campus and in her sorority. In her free time, she loves to go to concerts, play with her two-year old Westie, and try new food spots. She also blogs about all of it on her personal blog,!

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