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Oct 03 2017
by Alyson Chuyang

6 Reasons Why Living in a Co-Ed Dorm Isn't All That Bad

By Alyson Chuyang - Oct 03 2017

FIFA, NBA 2K competitions and the musk of cologne as you walk into the bathroom are all tell-tale signs that you live with guys. My family members are really intrigued with this concept because "back in their day," they never heard of co-ed living. In reality, many colleges and universities have co-ed dorms, and while it may seem risque to older generations, it isn’t all that weird. 

I’m currently in a 900-square foot shoebox, living with my freshman year roommate and three guys. So you could imagine how close we had to get in a short amount of time when this year started. To provide some background, I never had guy best friends and I was always around girls. I don’t even have a brother, so living with guys scared me a little before this year started, but I can now officially say that it really isn’t that bad. Here's why.

1. They protect you.

There have been countless times I have been nervous to walk back from a function and my friends were not able to walk me back. Instead, I could just call one of my guy friends and they would come and pick me up. Even guys enjoy the company of girls to walk to and from class. Beyond protecting you physically, they can protect you academically. It helps to have friends who have taken other classes, since they can warn you about professors and curriculum. This definitely comes in handy when choosing classes every semester. 

2. They give you a different perspective.

Just like meeting anyone in your life, you will find different perspectives on things that you may never have thought about. Relationship advice is especially great to receive from the opposite gender. There have been times that getting a girl’s perspective is just not working, and now having a different perspective makes me approach situations differently.

3. You are not going to be segregated forever.

Some people, like myself, were not that close to guys before coming to college. However, you are going to join the workforce in a matter of time, and working with the opposite gender is something you need to get used to! Learning how different girls and guys operate is an actual skill in the working world. It may sound ridiculous because you cannot group one gender under a stereotype, but genetically, there are things that guys do differently than girls do.

4. You get more comfortable with the other sex. 

The ambiguity of wondering how the opposite sex lives is gone, and you may feel more comfortable. Personally, I feel way more comfortable talking to people in general because I live with three guys, and overall four people. Living with the other sex allows you to see how they live and how they are, so it becomes a lot easier for you to socialize and make fun out of similar living conditions. 

5. The connections.

Socialization is a great skill for future endeavors. The most casual way to socialize is being in a co-ed dorm setting, where you can interact with many people and learn about other their interests. This is especially important when you decide what you would like to do later on in life – linking up with people who have similar interests helps you to explore your career path, as well as make some beneficial connections. 

6. You could potentially meet your significant other.

Let's be honest, living next door to the opposite sex and even the same sex is really interesting and amusing. You will encounter people that catch your eye and you could meet your next girlfriend, boyfriend or partner. Granted, it is going to be hard when you run into that cutie as you are walking out of the bathroom with your shower caddy in hand. However, it is fun being able to meet others and potentially pursue a romantic future with one of those cuties down the hall. 

While it may be different for guys to see the bathroom counter trashed with bobby pins and tampons stuffed in the drawers, or annoying for girls to see guys' sweaty gym bags everywhere, it can be an enlightening experience living with the opposite sex. It is a lot of interaction, but it has kept me busy and there is no shortage of interesting moments in my apartment. 

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Alyson Chuyang - San Jose State University

Alyson is an aspiring journalist from the sunny state of California. She is pursuing journalism at San Jose State University and takes inspiration from her experiences around campus and in her sorority. In her free time, she loves to go to concerts, play with her two-year old Westie, and try new food spots. She also blogs about all of it on her personal blog,!

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