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Feb 25 2017
by Allison Miller

Marymount Manhattan College Students Discuss Living in Trump's Midtown

By Allison Miller - Feb 25 2017

One of the gifts we have been given as Marymount Manhattan College students is the ability to be fully immersed in New York City. We study, work, play and explore in one of the greatest cities in the world and constantly have interesting opportunities right at our fingertips.

Living in Midtown Manhattan also provides another interesting element to our lifestyle. Freshmen at MMC who choose to dorm are living roughly five blocks away from Trump Tower, the headquarters of the Trump Organization and former residence of the new President of the United States. This very tower has become a symbol during the entire election and its aftermath. Because of our location, we have been extremely involved in the events that happened over the past several months. Therefore, I decided to ask several MMC freshmen of different backgrounds, opinions and areas of study for their reactions.

Victoria Gagliardo-Silver
"Personally, although I didn't vote Trump, as a Republican it doesn't bother me. I aim to support our President and support his good decisions and condemn what I disagree with, but it's amazing to see how history is playing out so close to home." – Victoria Gagliardo-Silver, Political Science

Claire Hubble
"I go out of my way to take different routes to places just to make sure I don't walk past it. There's almost always something happening in front of the tower, too, so the road and sidewalk will most likely be blocked anyway."  – Claire Hubble, Theatre History and Performance Texts

Natalie Sorkin
"Everyone has their own political opinions but considering everything going on, I think living near Trump Tower makes us extremely lucky because we are experiencing and seeing history being made, especially because we are the ones that are making history." – Natalie Sorkin, Business

Maddy Rosaler
"Living near Trump Tower makes everything that’s happening in our country right now a lot more real. We get to see the reactions of the public first hand.” – Maddy Rosaler, Producing and Management

Hayden Ergenbright
"Living near Trump Tower for me is kind of like having Trump as a president; I try to forget his presence until I see his name somewhere. When I see the giant tower sometimes it's odd to think that the head executive of my country owns it and is making money from everything that goes on in it. I try to avoid going into Trump owned buildings because I disagree with him and don't want my money going into his pocket." – Hayden Ergenbright, Cinema, Television and Emerging Media

Alex Knoll
"I feel entirely let down by New York City. This place used to make me feel like my voice was being heard, but after November 8th, I feel absolutely unappreciated and out of control.” –Alex Knoll, Theatre History/Performance Texts and Directing

Liam Munn
"The minute I stepped into the city, it felt like Hillary Clinton's town. Trump Tower hovers over streets that he won't ever own." – Liam Munn, Acting 

Juan Camilo Osorio
“It definitely hits close to home for us. However, it could be said that we live in a 'bubble' sometimes, especially at Marymount. We are incredibly fortunate enough to live in a place full of progression and inclusivity, but sadly, not everyone gets this privilege. What worries me the most are the immigrant/refugee families that live in places where they don't feel supported, the LGBT people that feel less than for the impact of this administration and the women who are being silence by the insulting words of our President.” – Juan Camilo Osorio, Politics and Human Rights

Hannah Henderson
"Living so close to Trump Tower serves as a constant reminder of the reality we live in and the person I want to be.” – Hannah Henderson, Acting

Differences aside, Marymount Manhattan strives to be a place of inclusivity and acceptance. After all, as the famous Burt Bacharach tune goes, “what the world needs now is love, sweet love.”

Lead Image Credit: Brad T via Flickr Creative Commons

Editor's Note: Some quotes have been slightly modified for clarity and cohesiveness. 
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Allison Miller - Marymount Manhattan College

Allison Miller (she/her/hers) is a freshman pursuing an Acting major at MMC. She is so excited to be a Griffin. Allison hails from the great state of Tennessee and is a lover of dogs, New York, and a good Caesar salad. She hopes to one day inspire others through theatre, just as she has been inspired.

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