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Jul 02 2016
by Alison Roller

10 Tattoos to Get With Your Best Friend

By Alison Roller - Jul 02 2016
If you're starting college this fall, it's likely that you're going to be farther away from your best friend(s) than you've been for a long time. Matching tattoos can be cute reminders that no matter how far away you are, your friendship can last through anything. They're permanent, durable and can be quite literally anything you can dream up. Here are ten ideas for you and your bestie to get together. 

1. Matching heartbeats because you can't live without your best friend. 

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These tattoos will be a permanent reminder that you're always with your best friend, even if they are far away.

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2. These matching paper airplanes that can carry you back to each other whenever you need to.

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Paper airplanes are a symbol of exploration and letting the wind take you wherever it wants. Having a matching paper airplane with your best friend will be a cute way to ensure each other that you're always with them, even when you are going your separate ways for college or any other new adventure.

3. Arrow tattoos that always point to each other.

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What I love about matching arrow tattoos is that they can point to your bestie! Without the other arrow, it just seems like a cute little symbol, but together it shows that you're always going to be with your BFF, and you'll always be on their side (think of this like a cuter, more sensible option to an "I'M WITH STUPID" shirt, but with an arrow).

4. These cute animal pals to remember why you love your best friend.

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These tattoos are great for the pair of friends who are polar opposites, but somehow their friendship just works! Maybe your bestie is a huge party-goer, and you'd rather stay in with pizza and Netflix. These tattoos are a more personalized reminder of why you're besties in the first place.

5. This pair of tattoos for a permanent pinky promise.

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These tattoos are a super cute, permanent promise to each other that you'll always be best friends, no matter where life takes you. Pinky promises are the ultimate type of promise, for the ultimate type of friendship.

6. Universe tattoos because your best friend is ~out of this world~.

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Space tattoos are becoming more and more popular, and what better way to pay tribute to your friendship than a little reminder about how you're always going to be looking up at the same stars, moon and whatever extraterrestrial life the government has yet to admit they know about?

7. Flower tattoos because...they're just really pretty, okay?

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Flowers are cute, simple tattoos that most people pass off as a cliche little ink picture, so getting one with your best friend is a low-key way to remember you'll always be with each other. 

8. Compass tattoos so you can always find your way back to them.

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Compasses are the ultimate friendship tattoo, and the meaning is probably pretty obvious. No matter where you guys end up, you'll always find your way back to each other, and the little compass in your heart will always point you in the direction of your BFF.

9. "I'll love you forever" and "I'll like you for always" because it's true and maybe you need a little reminder on your foot.

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This quote is from a children's book by Robert Munsch book called "Love You Forever" and a fair warning that if you click on the link, it'll also tell you the heartbreaking story behind the much-loved tale. This quote has gained popularity and slowly broke away from its ties to the book, and it's now printed on shirts, jewelry, home decor, etc., and if you and your bestie love it as much as most people, it can also be tattooed on you! 

10. Dopamine tattoos because no one makes you happier than your best friend.

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I had never seen these tattoos before I started hunting for cute tattoo ideas, but now they're on my list of must-haves. If you're not familiar with chemistry and science, this is the molecular makeup of dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that controls your reward and pleasure centers. And, in short, it's the stuff that gets you going every morning and keeps you motivated and happy (along with serotonin). If that's not the definition of friendship, then you need to find better friends.

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