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Dec 17 2016
by Alina Sichevaya

5 Things to Do Once Finals Are Over

By Alina Sichevaya - Dec 17 2016

You're done. It's over. You hand in your last exam, very pointedly not thinking about the grade you'll get back for it. You head back to your dorm room. You pack. You finally defrost your fridge, by some miracle of towels and hairdryers and pure will. As you make your way home for winter break, it finally, finally sinks in. You''re free. Now that you have the time, you can do all the things you were too busy drowning in schoolwork to get around to.

1. Watch all the Netflix you possibly can. 

You have a lot of catching up to do, what with new shows like The OA and Legends of Tomorrow having recently dropped. Netflix is also adding a new download feature, in which you can store episodes to watch later, if you don't want to use data while you're out--how convenient, for all the traveling you might be doing this winter break. 

2. Clean up your computer. 

It's a less-than-glamorous way to spend your time, but cleaning away old files that you won't need next semester is important, whether that means relegating them to a flash drive to be tucked away in your desk or deleting them completely. Set up your folders for next semester's classes. While you're at it, do those software updates that you've been getting notifications about, and make sure your antivirus is in good shape. You'll thank yourself halfway through next semester, when you know at least three people whose computers have crashed. 

3. Check in with all of your friends from high school.

Chances are, you haven't talked to these people in a while. And what better time to catch up than winter break, when you don't have any work to do and what seems like all the time in the world to visit everyone you've been missing all semester. 

4. Come home to your pets for the first time in weeks, or months. 

Nothing beats getting through the door and seeing them there, just as fluffy as you left them, as happy to see you as you are them. Spend as much time as you can with your furry friends at home. Pets definitely the best way to destress after finals, and you'll be able to introduce your cat to all of your friends at school via Instagram. 

5. Sleep. 

There's nothing like coming home to your family and your pets...and your own bed. After a whole semester of sleeping on dorm beds, in all their squeaky, uncomfortable glory, sleeping in your own bed feels absolutely amazing. Catch up on all the sleep you missed while stressing and studying--you'll need it for the next semester, when it starts all over again. 

Lead image source: Pexels. 

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Alina Sichevaya -

Alina Sichevaya is a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently pursuing a double major in broadcast journalism and economics. In her extremely limited spare time, she loves reading and writing stories that usually involve dragons or spaceships (or both), and drinks morally reprehensible amounts of coffee. When she was 16, she defended herself from a wasp without crying a single tear and considers that one of her most important achievements to this day. You can reach her on Twitter @alina_sichevaya.

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