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Aug 02 2015
by Alicia Sforza

3 Fears Everyone Needs to Get Over

By Alicia Sforza - Aug 02 2015

1. Fear of change

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At this point in our lives, change is the only stable thing around us. Each new day is guaranteed to bring new aspects of change. Though much of this change is exciting, it is also a lot of the time disguised as something to fear. Going to college is a great example of this. You’re moving away from the home you’ve known your whole life and the people you’ve shared it with to live in a small dorm with someone who is probably a stranger. College is the epitome of change. Though we’re all on the verge of one of the biggest changes we’ll encounter throughout our lives: moving out, there will be many, many more changes we’ll run into and the worst thing we can do is fear them. Like I said before, many times change is disguised as something to fear, when in reality it’s something you should welcome with open arms because it leaves potential for new, exciting things to take place. Yes, we’re moving out on our own — something that can be very frightening — but we’re also opening ourselves up for new experiences. If you fear change, you’re shutting the door to what could possibly be the best thing for you.

2. Fear of rejection 

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I will be the first to admit that this is without a doubt my Achilles heel. Though I’m able to identify with it, it doesn’t make it any easier to get over. Having a fear of rejection is like poisoning every good experience you could potentially have, and leaving a constant hum of “what if” echoing in the back of your mind at the day’s end. Fearing rejection can stop you from pursuing many things in your life from talking to a new person to applying to your dream college. Though it’s easy to say that you just need to get over it, because essentially you do, it’s much harder to actually accomplish. An important step in getting over a fear of rejection, from my own experience, is to understand that people really don’t care as much as you think they do. That might sound somewhat harsh, but the reality of it is that you can overthink a situation as much as you want, but what it all boils down to is the fact that nobody will be harder on you than yourself. If you work up the courage to try something new, good things will happen.

3. Fear of failure

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It happens to everybody — you fail that test even after weeks of studying, you finish last in the race you’ve spent months training for, you get rejected from the college you were planning on attending. Everyone has their own definition of failure and what it means to them, but the thing that remains the same is that it never gets easier. This idea of not being your best or of disappointing the people you hold nearest to you is easily one of the most common fears, but it’s something that with time people tend to get over. At the age we are now, we’re faced with many different obstacles affecting all parts of our lives, and through it all we have to remember that it is, in fact, OK to fail. It's almost expected. If you go through life completely unscathed, you’ve missed the point. Only when you’re at your lowest and have known failure and what it feels like to disappoint the people you love the most, will you know who you really are and, more importantly, who the people you depend on really are. Failure is expected.


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Alicia Sforza - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

A freshman at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Alicia Sforza plans on double majoring in technical writing and communication with an emphasis in biology and health science, and ethics. Petting dogs, reading books, and drinking coffee occupies the majority of her time.

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