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Jul 23 2016
by Alicia Gonzales

Summer Explained by Disney

By Alicia Gonzales - Jul 23 2016
We all know summer. From the heat to the long days to the eating ice cream on the beach, we all have our own experiences during these few months. Even though everyone has their own memories and ways of approaching summer, we all have those moments that are the same for everyone. 

1. When you actually have to go out after binge watching Netflix for a week straight...which means actually getting dressed and making yourself look presentable:


2. When you’ve been out all night (most likely from working to be honest) and crash into your nice comfy bed that's never felt so nice.


3. Getting excited to go to the beach, but realizing there’s no safe place from the people that are EVERYWHERE. 



4. Trying to get that perfect beach body, but realizing that extra scoop of ice cream was so worth it


5. Walking outside in the middle of the day to temperatures so hot you’re sure you’ve somehow teleported to the desert.


6. When you realize that this season went by way too fast, and it’s time to go back to the real world soon.


Even though summer can sometimes feel unmanageable, it can give you some of the best memories in your lifetime. The days are longer and temperatures higher ultimately leading to happiness and fun. Summer is one of the best times of the year, and it's all up to you and how you make the best of it!

Lead Image Credit: Disney

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Alicia Gonzales - Slippery Rock University

Alicia is a freshman at Slippery Rock University and is majoring in Criminology. She enjoys anything that has to do with Hamilton and Disney, probably a little bit too much.

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