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Jun 03 2016
by Alicia Gonzales

An Open Letter to My Group Chat

By Alicia Gonzales - Jun 03 2016

You’re the ones I can turn to when I need advice, need to rant, or just have a problem in general. To some people we may just be a group of friends in a chat, but to me you are more than that, much more.

It’s crazy to think that our bond was created over a mutual love of an artist (and doughnuts). It’s crazy to think that a year ago I never would have guessed you would become some of the most important people in my life. It’s crazy to think that I met a group of best friends I can rely on for anything.

The thousands of messages that have been sent during all hours of the day have been a way to keep us as close as we are. I consider you guys my best friends, and I can’t imagine how quiet and boring my life would be without you.


You’ve been there during my worst, through college applications, through my rants about school and more. You’ve helped me get through the toughest of situations simply by being there. By sending encouraging words you’ve helped in ways you can’t even imagine, and for that I say a simple, "Thank You."

Thank you for being the most sincere, kind, encouraging people I have ever met. Thank you for making me feel at home and welcoming me with open arms. Your embrace has touched my heart dearly.

The time we’ve shared has been one giant roller coaster. There’s been fights, but then again, what family doesn’t have their fights? These have only made us closer. So close, that I feel I can ask you about anything, and you will answer honestly. If I’m completely clueless to what’s happening in the world you can let me in, or if the dress I like is hideous I know I can count on you to tell me. I could rant on and on about how awesome you are, about how lucky I am to have people like you, but I know words could never thank everything you’ve done for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to laugh, cry, and experience life with.

I may not know anything for certain, but I can count on the memories, fun, laughter and pure joy that will come out of us getting together. Until then I know that you’re only a message away if I need you. 

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Lead Image Credit: Summer Skyes via Wikimedia Commons

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Alicia Gonzales - Slippery Rock University

Alicia is a freshman at Slippery Rock University and is majoring in Criminology. She enjoys anything that has to do with Hamilton and Disney, probably a little bit too much.

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