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Sep 21 2016
by Alicia Gonzales

7 Things That Happen When You Go to College in a Completely New Place

By Alicia Gonzales - Sep 21 2016

As someone who is attending school out of my own state, I've noticed there are a lot of things that come with it. They're the small things that you wouldn't really expect, but when they happen you begin to take notice. Some of these things happen more than others.

1. Getting weird looks (or even glares) when you wear your own city's sports gear.


I don't even care what people say when I walk around wearing my pants, hats and shirts. Catch me in my dorm on Sundays screaming for a Bills victory.

2. Being completely lost when people tell you the names of the town that they're from that only the locals would know.


Oh yeah, uh huh, I totally know what and where that is!

3. Being completely lost by the city's inside jokes and slang.


Joke's over guys, "yuns" isn't an actual term is it???

4. Getting asked a ton of questions about where you're from.


You wanna know what it's like where I'm from? OK well first, it's pop, not soda.

5. Experiencing withdrawals from items only in your hometown.

Tim Hortons. Wegmans. I'll be back for you I promise, I didn't forget.

6. Being alone on weekends because everyone seems to go home.


With almost everyone living within a reasonable distance from the school, it seems like you're the only one left here on the weekends. The campus is empty and you basically just lock yourself in your room until Monday rolls around.

7. Secretly hoping people will ask you where you're from so you can tell them how awesome you and your hometown are.


You take pride in your city and everything that comes with it. You know that no matter where you go it will always be home, and you aren't afraid to tell everyone how great it is.

Sometimes it may feel hard feeling like an outsider, but just remember that you always have a unique conversation starter, so who's the real winner here?

Lead Image Credit: Eric Bailey via Pexels 

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Alicia Gonzales - Slippery Rock University

Alicia is a freshman at Slippery Rock University and is majoring in Criminology. She enjoys anything that has to do with Hamilton and Disney, probably a little bit too much.

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