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Nov 27 2017
by Ali Acker

6 Things to Do Instead of Partying on a Friday Night, As Told By Stranger Things

By Ali Acker - Nov 27 2017

Going out on the weekends with friends is often a much needed release. Dancing and having a great time always helps take your mind off the stressful mountain of schoolwork waiting in your room. However, sometimes staying in can be way more fun. Here are six things to do when staying in, as told by the cast of Stranger Things.

1. Get some sleep.

Staying in means one thing. Sleep. Use the weekend to catch up on sleep instead of staying out late. When you’re feeling refreshed and somewhat awake in your Monday lecture, you’ll be happy you stayed in.

2. Chow down.

Get some good food. Staying in means you’ll have some free time, which is almost unheard of during the busy school week. With many other students out, many restaurants won’t be busy. Use the weekend to get some good food. The dining hall just won’t cut it sometimes.

3. Pamper yourself.

Whether you choose to do a face mask, paint your nails, get a massage or indulge in some junk food, taking time out to take care for yourself will no doubt make you feel great. 

4. Spend some time with friends.

The only thing better than staying in is staying in with your friends. Hanging out with your friends during the week can be difficult. Everyone has different schedules, clubs and sports. Staying in and being able to catch up, check in with and vent to friends is really therapeutic.

5. Watch a movie.

Speaking from experience, watching Netflix and catching up on your favorite TV shows is nearly impossible in college. No work gets done once succumbing to Netflix. While watching your shows during the week is hard, staying in gives you time to (binge) watch new episodes of your favorite show or watch a movie.

6. Get ahead.

While doing work on a Friday night might seem unappealing, getting ahead on work is always a good idea. Work and tests always seem to sneak up on you and pile up when you already have too much to do. Getting ahead on your work ensures that you’ll be on top of your game as you go through the semester.

Even though going out on Friday nights is a great time, staying in gives you time to relax, eat and have some rare free time. So stay in; there will always be another party.

Lead Image Credit: Netflix

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