Having your birthday away from home is hard. Not being able to see your friends and family can make it feel like you’re missing something. However, having a roommate dedicated to making your birthday great makes your day all the more special. Here are some tips for making your roommate's birthday great:

1. Decorate your room.

Put up balloons and a banner! Decorating a drab dorm room and making it festive will take your roommate’s birthday to another level. Bonus points if you can decorate the room and surprise them.

2. Take them out for a good meal.

While the dining hall is a go-to for broke college students, eating there on a birthday is a little sad. A birthday is an occasion to go out for a good dinner and splurge. It’ll make their birthday much better, trust me.

3. Get a meaningful gift.

Affording expensive gifts is impossible for almost all college students, but your roommate is a special case. You know them better than most; what they like and can’t live without. Instead of an expensive gift, a small, meaningful one will make your roommate feel like they're at home. If all else fails, food is always a good option.

4. Make a card.

A simple card can brighten up anyone’s birthday. Take a few minutes to make a personalized birthday card for your roomie.

5. Take them out!

Sometimes a birthday will overlap with tests and mountains of homework. It’s hard to take a night and party for your roommate’s birthday, but making some time to take out your roommate will help make it their best birthday.

Birthdays in college can be challenging. Most people won’t know it’s your birthday, but having a roommate that makes it special will no doubt make it a happy birthday. 

Lead Image Credit: Pexels