Fall is the season of haunted houses, state fairs, football games and tailgates! Between the cozy weather, excitement of cheering on your favorite team or stuffing your face with your favorite foods—it’s a good idea to plan out the perfect outfits to wear during this busy season!

In the home of AggieLand, National Tailgate Weekend is October 7-8 AND this is also NCAT’s Annual Homecoming, or as we call it “The Greatest Homecoming on Earth.” There is Aggie Pride EVERYWHERE! What is Aggie Pride? The addictive school spirit that surrounds the campus during the collegiate tailgating! The alumni and current students come together for the most memorable moments during this Football Season. You will see the colors blue and yellow at every corner and in everyone’s outfits. "Can I get an AGGIE PRIDE?"

Although my outfits are tailored toward NCAT tailgates, there are OVER 600 participating schools that are involved with National Tailgate Weekend. Because National Tailgate Weekend is happening during NCAT's homecoming, I’m super excited to show and embrace my AGGIE PRIDE with you!

Look #1: Can I get an Aggie Pride?

Alexis Whidbee

Early classes are no fun for anyone, and if you’re anything like myself, you like to be extremely comfortable during those cold mornings. What better way to embrace your school than in your favorite (and comfy) school spirited apparel? This outfit SCREAMS Aggie Pride! Between the fleece joggers with the Aggie Dog, or the lightweight jacket with A&T lettering, you will definitely be prepped with school spirit for the Tailgate and Football Game.

Look #2: Sun’s Out, Arms Out

Alexis Whidbee

Crop tops are the ULTIMATE shirt for Tailgates at NCAT because they’re loose enough to let your body breathe as you’re eating your favorite foods. Also, this shirt is super soft, and the font adds a pretty touch to NCAT’s name!

Look #3: Quick Aggie Spirit

Alexis Whidbee

If you have a busy day, but want to show your school spirit at work or in class, the lightweight jacket (from above) is the best piece of clothing for the job! Because the weather in North Carolina changes so quickly, this jacket is perfect for the cool weather or random rain that appears.

On October 7, I will match everyone’s spirit during NCAT’s tailgate experience! I will be wearing NCAT apparel from head to toe, while walking around with a funnel cake in my hand. Join your school (and the other 600+ schools) as we participate in National Tailgate Weekend. Wear your BEST school spirit and enjoy the addictiveness of school pride that surrounds your campus! 

Lead Image Credit: Alexis Whidbee

Clothing Provided by: NCAT Official Store