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May 26 2017
by Alexis Solorzano

7 Types of Critters You May Meet at a College of Agriculture

By Alexis Solorzano - May 26 2017

Freshman year is full of new friendships and adventures, but at a college of agriculture, there is another kind of new friends you will most likely encounter and meet. The animals at a college of agriculture are an integral part of campus, and even if you are not directly working with them yourself, it is most likely that you will still see them around! Here are some that one might run into.

1. Squirrels 

Jordan Wolfman 

Although most schools can spot squirrels around for miles, it seems as if the squirrels at agricultural schools are much more ... friendly. From stealing food to climbing on bikes and trying to "ride" them, these small rascals aren't afraid to get up close and personal with students!

2. Turkeys 

Lien Tu

No, turkeys do not just hang around during November for Thanksgiving. Turkeys can be seen wandering around campus AND in downtown areas. Word of advice, do not get on these guys bad side, because they will corner you, due to their very territorial nature. 

3. Pigs 

UC Davis- Hog Barn 

These little piggies did, in fact, go to the market! Most colleges of agriculture will have a specifically designated barn of pigs for students to get hands-on experience with handling swine. Pigs are used for class work in numerous amount of courses and for research purposes as well. 

4. Birds — of a (Different) Feather

Jordan Wolfman 

Birds of all different species can usually be spotted on campus, including but not limited to: blue jays (pictured above), cardinals, pigeons, ducks, hummingbirds and woodpeckers. One will definitely be able to hear all of these birds not only in the morning but all throughout the day while walking to different classes. Most times, they are often busy minding their own business, but can find their way very close to buildings, trying to sneak into lectures!

Jordan Wolfman 

5. Horses 

UC Davis — Equine Center 

As is the same with hogs, there will usually be an equine center at an agricultural school that will definitely be helpful to you depending on what field work needs to get done. Most equine centers not only house campus horses but also house students' personal horses and every year, there are new foals born! If you're interested in horse care, be sure to check out any volunteer opportunities. Also, reminder, sometimes horses will be ridden around campus, so watch out for anything they may excrete!

6. Dogs and Cats 

Elizabeth Williams 

Many times, stray cats will wander onto campus in search for food and cuddles. Other times, it also may be local neighborhood outdoor cats that like to explore. Although they may be right outside the steps of a lecture hall or even sneak their way into the dorms, always be cautious when approaching the kitty. As is the same with dogs, many students may bring their pet and/or service dogs. Always ask before approaching and petting a working service dog! If given the go-ahead to approach, feel free to have fun with the therapy fluffy. 

Angela Diep

7. Last but not least, cows!

Victoria Barrera

How can you resist that face? The dairy cows, though surprising, are actually worth a lot of money and are very well taken care of by the University. Many times, they will be very friendly and will try to approach you. Be careful of those tongues, however: cows love to give slobbery "kisses" and will search your hands for any food you may have. 

These animals are almost always available in different parts a college of agriculture and many students work directly with them for their research and learning experience. Though seen around often, they never cease to impress and it is just one of the many unique traits of an ag school!

Lead Image Credit: Victoria Barrera 

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