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Mar 24 2017
by Alexis Solorzano

A Letter to My Senior Year Self From Freshman Me

By Alexis Solorzano - Mar 24 2017

To my high school past self, 

Hi. This is your almost done-with-your-first-year-of-college future self. I say almost because I still have one more quarter but by this time, I've already completed two full quarters and I'll be honest, it was not an easy feat. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. Quarter system? Where did I end up? Well, surprise! You ended up at the university that scared you the most. Yup, the very same one that is in the middle of farmland and cows with about 5,000 people in your freshman class alone. You did it — you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and left behind the familiar small schools where you once knew everyone and their mothers' names.

Also, remember when you never thought you'd go Greek and rush during your first year? Surprise #2! You are now part of a sorority and some of your closest friends are now your sisters. You'll go out a lot with them — food trips, study dates, late nights out and about, etc. These amazing girls will keep you sane and drive you crazy at the same time — in a good way! Your big will be one of the sweetest and most hardworking girls you'll ever meet. Even though you're the oldest in your blood-related family, you now have an amazing big sister that you admire and look up to. 

Ironically, however, you'll meet your first (and now) best friend by getting lost on your way to astronomy class. (By the way, you end up dropping that class. You're an English/American studies major, but don't sweat it. It was for your sanity.) You'll be super shy around her at first but open up! She's amazing. Later, you'll not only become her roommate once you move out of the dorms but also the "Auntie" of her amazing puppy, Watson. 

I do have some bad news, though (surprise #3). You know your current best friend? I'm sorry to break the news, but you guys will not only drift apart but stop talking altogether. It gets better, but you'll still miss the memories you made with her in high school. You don't lose touch with everyone in high school, though! You and your friends from theater still text each other almost every other day and send each other the best of your university memes. You'll complain to each other A LOT, but they'll have your back when you need that one last boost of encouragement. 

Now, I know you have that burning question. Love life? Yes, you're still in a long distance relationship and even though it's been tough, you guys are stronger than ever. He's your rock when things get super stressful or just plain sad. I do have to warn you, though, that you'll have fights that you never even knew could be even be fought about in the first place. Long distance is tough and it doesn't get easier. It'll be worth it, though. You two will see your two year anniversary and even though it'll be over FaceTime, it won't be any less special. Surprise #4, for your 19th birthday he'll get you HAMILTON TICKETS. Yes, you'll cry. Still am crying. 

As you can see, a lot of things change. You'll be scared at first of where you now live and go to school but I promise, it'll become your home away from home. Your roommates will be the kindest and most considerate girls you'll find and when you have a bad day, which unfortunately you won't be able to avoid, they'll be the ones you want to rush back to. Your dorm will be home because of them. Change is scary, but guess what? You're better off because of it. So past me, enjoy your senior year of high school but don't be sad. You have so many great things ahead of you. 

Your future collegiate self, 



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Alexis Solorzano - University of California, Davis

Alexis is a college freshman at the University of California, Davis and is a declared double major in English and American Studies. Along with her passion for writing, Alexis is happily in her sorority, Chi Omega and is a part of her university's chorus. Feel free to follow and reach out to her on Instagram, @alexis013.

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