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Oct 30 2016
by Alexis Solorzano

A Letter to my Former Roommate

By Alexis Solorzano - Oct 30 2016

To my Former Roommate, 

First off, I really do hope you are doing well. I know you had to go back home for personal reasons and I know that, ultimately, that was the best decision for you. Whatever you decide to do, either in a few months or in the next year, I know you will be successful. Being from around the same area, I hope that you're having fun back at home. I can't wait to come back and visit you!

It has already been almost three weeks and we still have your old bed here in our dorm. I must admit, whenever I walk into the room, my heart sinks at the sight of the barren bed where your detailed bedding and little stuffed seal used to be. I loved coming back from the long classes and crazy bike traffic to meet for dinner and tell you all about what had happened every day. You were my closest friend here and sometimes I wish I could have been there more for you. 

Was there anything I could have done?

As for an update, I have grown more comfortable with the landscape of campus and have even made some new friends! We just finished midterm week and though it was stressful, I managed to make it out alive. I think. What is still positively around however are the cows that live across the street. Every so often in the mornings, you can smell that distinct scent (Bet you definitely do not miss that!)

Even though our room still has two of us left, I heard from the housing department that they might bring in someone new. I won't lie, I wasn't very excited to hear this news and, not because I want to hoard the extra space, but because our next roommate has very big shoes to fill. Will she be an amazing listener like you? Will she make us amazing English tea for comfort before we start homework? Like I said, very big shoes to fill. 

Please come to visit some time, you'll always have someone rooting for you here. 



P.S. Do you recognize the landscape in the picture? That's our building as the sun was setting after a very stormy day. The light always manages to find its way out of the dark. 

Lead Image Credit: Jordan Wolfman

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Alexis Solorzano - University of California, Davis

Alexis is a college freshman at the University of California, Davis and is a declared double major in English and American Studies. Along with her passion for writing, Alexis is happily in her sorority, Chi Omega and is a part of her university's chorus. Feel free to follow and reach out to her on Instagram, @alexis013.

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