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Jul 31 2016
by Alexandria Andrews

5 Reasons to Give Thank-You Notes

By Alexandria Andrews - Jul 31 2016

Thank-You notes are part of that lost world of communication via paper. E-Cards, texts, Twitter DM's, Instagram posts, emails and Facebook messages have become the quick-and-easy solution to getting in touch with someone. However, using a tangible, personal method to express gratitude to an older mentor or professor has not lost its appeal. Thank-You cards should have a place in your college supply list because there are so many benefits to giving them.

1. Respect

Writing a brief, special message to someone who has helped you out in college ensures that they feel appreciated, and in turn makes them more likely to give you special attention in the future. Possible recipients include an advisor, mentor, coach, professor or even a TA. By giving these individuals proper recognition, you stand out as a thoughtful individual. Thank-You notes are preferable over electronic forms of acknowledgment because they are more easily saved and less normally given. 

2. Grades 

The ideal time to give your professor a thank-you card is immediately following the final exam. Professors tend to help individuals who have participated and shown exemplary effort in class, but a sweet message can melt even the coldest instructor's heart. If you are in between letter grades, your professor could bump you up because you chose to gracefully thank them for their time teaching the class (just make sure they receive the note before the final day to submit grades).

3. Extra Help

Many students find themselves taking multiple classes with the same professors and/or TA's, especially when they start digging deeper into their major. By taking the initiative to build a relationship with an instructor, you set the stage for impressive recommendation letters later, and nothing makes a professor like you more than giving them the thanks that they deserve. Few students are considerate enough to show how grateful they are to a good teacher. But if you do, you not only earn their good graces, you raise your chances of becoming a favorite in future courses.

4. Opportunity

Hopefully, you will become a part of many organizations, events and fundraisers on campus and will be introduced to tons of influential people. Make a connection by penning a thank-you note to a coordinator, donator or official that you meet (make sure to put your name and email on the back). These people will remember you later and could potentially offer up opportunities that you would have otherwise not been aware of. 

5. Feel Good     

The reasons for giving thank-you notes listed above are important and valid, but keep in mind that making someone's day by going out of your way to acknowledge them is just as significant. Spreading positivity and good feelings will help those around you be happier and help you be happier. Writing thank-you notes is a fun, inexpensive exercise that allows you to focus on the value of others.

Thank-You notes do not have to be in a formal card or on thick, expensive paper.  You just need to make it personable and genuine! Show your appreciation for others by picking up the habit of writing thank-you.

Lead Image Credit: ~Kristie via Flickr Creative Commons


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Alexandria Andrews - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alexandria Andrews is a freshman majoring in English at UNC Chapel Hill. She is an avid reader, has a passion for learning, and enjoys staying active by playing volleyball, skimboarding, and biking. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Alex_Andrews6

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