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Jul 17 2016
by Alexandra Carpenter

8 Cool Tapestries for Your Dorm Room Walls

By Alexandra Carpenter - Jul 17 2016

Many students feel that their dorm rooms simply wouldn't be complete without their beloved tapestry. It's by far one of the most popular choices as students decorate their room. Even if you plan to commute to college this year, tapestries certainly help emanate some college spirit at home. If you plan to jump on the bandwagon and add one of these to your own room, here are eight tapestries to get you started with your search!

1. Mandala Design - Green Ombre Tapestry by RawyalCrafts

This is the most popular design for tapestries, and probably the one you've seen in most dorms thus far.  The "green" in the title is a bit misleading — it's a combination of teal/turquoise that can really make a room pop. Since most dorm supplies this year seem to also feature light blue/teal items, I chose to feature this one. It's a lot less drab than a lot of the mandala designs since it has much brighter colors. If these specific colors aren't quite your thing, no worries! These designs are EVERYWHERE. Start with Amazon; there are a lot of really neat ones for reasonable prices, plus many are eligable for Amazon Prime (don't forget to sign up for your 6-month free trial!)

2. Multicolor Tie-Dye Swirl by Tapysteria

This one was my personal choice for my dorm tapestry! There's nothing quite like the traditional rainbow spiral design, especially when its turnout doesn't ride on my own limited dying skills. This tapestry is extremely colorful and looks just as great in person as in the picture. This one is perfect for anyone looking to brighten up their dorm. The fabric is light enough that you shouldn't have a problem hanging it up, and the size is reasonable for any dorm room and will still leave you with space for posters, photos or other wall decorations. It's also reasonably priced at around $15. Amazon also offers the same spiral design by Sunshine Joy in a couple other color schemes for a slightly higher price. If you're looking at a blue or green room, check out this one with only cool colors. There is also a Rasta color scheme.

3. Woodstock Tapestry by Rockabilia

For the die-hard hippies, this has got to be the grooviest on the list. This brightly colored design keeps the 60s alive and is a must-have for fans of classic rock. Tapestries of this type are a bit more expensive, but it may be worth it to have a design that is a bit more specific to you. There is also a variation the Woodstock tapestry with a darker red background. Rockabilia also offers lots of tapestries for specific artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd in case you have a favorite band. You can also check out Rockabilia for a wealth of poster flags if you're looking for another specific artist or if you simply want something a bit smaller for your wall.

4. Custom Photo Tapestry (Etsy)

If you're not super impressed with any of the designs already out there, you might consider a custom tapestry. While these are very expensive and take a while to ship, these are definitely a great idea and are the most personalized tapestries you can get. By submitting a photo, you can get a tapestry printed of whatever you want. Just make sure you take the lead on this one; you don't want to take the chance that your parents will send you to college with a ginormous photo of themselves! 

5. National flags (i.e. Spain)

It may be a tad bit of a stretch to call this one a "tapestry," but it's certainly a really cool fabric decor option for many different groups of students. Anyone majoring in a foreign language, a specific culture, international studies or even political science may find this to be a fitting option. It's also a must-have for anyone hoping to study abroad (and the first thing you should pack when you depart). This is also a great way just to highlight your own cultural heritage as you decorate your dorm. They also are easy to hang; most come with brass rings that can easily fit on Command hooks, and the material usually isn't very heavy. Best of all, these tend to be some of the least expensive tapestry-like options. I've highlighted the Spanish flag since it is the most popular foreign language major among American colleges and universities. You can also pick up flags of Germany, China, the UK, France, Japan and the US (for the patriotic). As a closeted fan of Europop music, I might just have to pick up Sweden's!

6. Yin Yang Tapestry by Tapysteriaa

Find your inner peace with this cool design, a kaleidoscope of yin yang symbols with a modest blue tie-dye background. If the #2 pick isn't quite your style and you are more about the artistic designs than the colors, this one is for you. This tapestry will definitely give your room a calming feel. 

7. Magical Path Tapestry by Society 6

This photo tapestry depicts a glistening forest suitable for nature-goers or anyone in search of a scene to look at (rather than just a design). The bright colors in this photo are bound to match easily with any room focusing on greens or blues. While photo tapestries tend to be a bit more expensive, they really can be captivating. 

8. Homemade

None of the previous designs feel quite *you* enough? What better way to deck out your dorm than a little DIY? For the artsy students, a product of your own hand is something you can proudly display. You most likely know how to tie-dye, but you can also find some instructional videos for some other types of tapestries, namely mandala designs, woven tapestries and tapestries simply made from purchased fabric.

This short list is just scratching the surface of all of the tapestries and other fabric items out there, waiting to adorn college dorms everywhere.  Move-in week for many students is only a month away. If you get one more item crossed off the list this week, make it a tapestry!

Lead Image Credit: SurFeRGiRL30 via Flickr Creative Commons

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Alexandra Carpenter - Temple University

Alexandra is a rising sophomore with junior standing at Temple University and is majoring in psychology with minors in biology and criminal justice. She plays multiple instruments and occasionally writes music for piano. In her spare time, she enjoys collecting record albums and listening to music, mainly classic rock and heavy metal. She also is an avid writer of fictional stories and is working on two novels.

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