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Jun 01 2015
by Alexa Ray

Why You Should Spend Your Summer Traveling

By Alexa Ray - Jun 01 2015

As summer quickly approaches, most high school seniors are anxiously weighing the decision of finding a summer job, working long hours at the local fast food joint or spending the summer at home with best friends, enjoying every last second of the warm sun and the lazy pleasures that summer inevitably brings.

Although both have advantages, the former brings in a decent amount of spending money, while the latter lends itself to countless memories filled with laughter and adventures. Neither, however, are as beneficial as the alternative.

Why not spend this summer traveling? You do not need to go very far or spend a lot of money. In fact, even venturing a couple hours down the coastline can provide enlightenment. Travel enables people to see life through a different perspective, whether it be refreshing, stressful or even a mix of both. Travel is a getaway from the fog that clouds our minds on a daily basis and I am certain that after the incessant stress every high school senior endures, a quick trip is a welcome change.

The summer before leaving for college is an opportune time to take the trip you have been longing to go on. Without the hustle and bustle of school, homework and sports, the lackadaisical 90 days of summer are ideal for venturing off with friends or family. The first year of college tends to be stressful and jam­packed so take advantage of summer by trekking the thousands of stairs of the Tour d’Eiffel or climbing the red rocks of Zion National Park. The travel options are endless and no matter the destination, the end result is always eye-­opening.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how to spend your summer. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy your summer, but I promise you that there is nothing more life­-changing than traveling.

Make this summer unforgettable. I certainly know I will.

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Alexa Ray - Smith College

Alexa Ray is a first year at Smith College, majoring in English. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga, reading, and traveling. Follow her on Instagram @alexamray.

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