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Oct 11 2016
by Alexa Marzina

The 10 Most Amazing Pens for Notetaking

By Alexa Marzina - Oct 11 2016

Note taking is one of the guarantees of college. Studies even show that taking notes by hand is way more beneficial to your learning than typing your notes, and using colored pens helps you to retain even more information! It can be difficult to find a writing utensil that makes you want to take notes, as pencils make your hand cramp and some pens immediately smear across the page, ruining your hard work. Here are 10 of the greatest pens that will definitely help you take prettier (and more effective!) notes. If you're stocking up on school supplies, make sure you sign up here for Amazon Prime Student for six months free, and free two-day shipping on all items!

1. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens — $11.74 for 10

These pens are super fine, which is great for note taking. They come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match for all of your classes. They don’t bleed and they can survive up to five days of bring uncapped before they dry out.


2. Pilot Twin Extra-Fine Markers — $13.13 for 12

These marker pens are double sided, giving you both fine and extra fine options for each color. This allows for so much variety in note taking (and gives you more for your money, essentially doubling the amount of pens you have), and they come in a nice range of colors.


3. Stabilo 88 Pens — $14.42 for 25

These pens have a unique hexagonal shape so they don’t roll off your desk while you’re trying to write or study. They dry quickly and don’t smudge, which makes them great for left-handed people. As an added bonus, they have no odor and a strong tip that makes them suitable to trace straight lines with rulers without ruining the tip.


4. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens — $8.34 for 8

Another note taking gem from Pilot, while this set doesn’t come in as many colors as others, the price point is a little more manageable for college students (though you can buy bigger packs at a higher price). Still, these pens are smear proof, retractable, refillable and come with a comfort grip so you hand doesn’t hurt while you write!


5. Papermate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen — $11.41 for 8

These pens have a medium tip, so they’re great for when you want your writing to stand out a little bit more. They are felt tip, so they glide right over the paper when you’re writing. The ink dries super quickly so it doesn’t smear, and the pen itself has a thicker body so it’s easier to hold.


6. Muji Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens — $13.50 for 9

The ink in these pens is really vibrant, but it surprisingly still doesn’t bleed through paper! According to the Amazon reviews, they are great for drawing and glide really smoothly. Even with small writing, the ink remains crisp and doesn’t feather out.


7. Uniball Signo Retractable Pens — $8.04 for 8

These pens have a unique metallic finish. They are specifically designed not to smudge, so they’re wonderful for lefties! They also have a comfort grip so the pen doesn’t slip out of your hand while writing, and it’s more comfortable for you.


8. Tanmit Gel Colored Pens — $17.99 for 100

This has a pretty steep price for pens, but you get 100 unique (non-duplicate) colors, including metallic, glitter and super vibrant colors! They come with a convenient Velcro carrying case and are great for coloring in adult coloring books due to their very fine tip.


9. Top Quality Gel Pens — $11.99 for 60

These pens also come in a variety of different ink types (metallic, glitter, neon, pastel, etc.) and the ink is guaranteed not to fade or smear. The ink in designed for longevity and the tip is super fine which makes small detailing a breeze.


10. MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pens — $9.99 for 10

These pens are designed specifically with drawing in mind: they’re very fine and have water-based ink that can easily wash out of textiles. The ink is very bright and the pens are a nice thin size that’s easy to hold.


Gone are the days of boring notes and illegible bleeding ink! All of the mentioned pens can be found on Amazon Prime, so you’ll get them super quickly. Not only does color coding your notes help you, it’s also just cooler to have prettier looking notes. Maybe this could be a new (mid) semester resolution: try color coding out and see what works best for you!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels

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Alexa Marzina - University of Pittsburgh

Alexa studied at the University of Pittsburgh and majored in nonfiction English writing with a certificate in American Sign Language. She was a member of the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band. One day, Alexa hopes to own at least three corgis. Follow her on Twitter @alexa_lou and Instagram @_alexalou

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