Think of the most “college” thing you can think of. Sure, frat parties, bucket hats, living on a low budget and eating ramen noodles may come to mind, but what about the popular trend of “Netflix and chill?” Sure, this activity has been around for a while now, but college students are still enjoying its benefits. In fact, 72 percent of people in relationships claim that staying in and watching Netflix together is one of their favorite ways to spend a casual date night. If your definition of chill isn’t really “casual sex,” as it seems to have morphed into, however, you don’t have to rid yourself of Netflix forever!

A newer, lesser known Netflix phenomenon, originating from Scandinavia, is called “Slow TV.” It features shows literally about… nothing. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a train ride — as if you were riding it yourself — or surround yourself with the ambience of crackling fire, then Slow TV might be the personal Netflix and chill program that you need. The shows range in length from an hour to about seven hours, so it gives you plenty of time to just switch it on and turn your attention to other tasks, such as paperwork, homework or laundry, while having some entertainment in the background (that doesn’t really demand your attention).

You can find a variety of Slow TV episodes on Netflix, but here is a preview of “Train Ride Bergen to Oslo:”

So if the action normally action/emotion packed world of “standard” Netflix isn’t for you, give Slow TV a try the next time you need a little visual boost in your life!

Lead Image Credit: Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation