At a lot of schools, temperatures have begun to rise lately (thank goodness). Finally, a glimpse of the sun, just what we all needed after the bleak winter. This heat wave may have taken you by surprise, however, so all of your summer accessories may still be packed away at home. This is not a problem if you have Amazon prime, since you get your items only two days after you order! Here are a bunch of cool styles they offer.

1. Aviators

A nice general style that suits all face shapes. These are classic and come in a few different colors, so you can still have some variety with these shades.


2. Round

These are for those vintage lovers; the frame shape and lens color screams "unique." If you're a retro kinda person, these should be your go-to daily wear.


3. Cat Eye

The rose gold coloring and super unique shape will ensure that you are the chicest person on campus. Bring out your inner feline and feel like a rockstar while doing it.


4. Sleek

If you're looking for extra sun protection, go for glasses with darker lenses to block out more of the sun's harmful rays. These offer both protection and style so you don't have to risk one for the other!


5. Patterned

If you're into statement accessories, then opt for these leopard print beauties. Let your bold personality shine while the sun does too.


6. Unrimmed

Sunglasses are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and try styles you normally wouldn't. These frames that are only framed on the top will help you try something different and really stand out.


7. Classic

Even if you're not feeling adventurous, you don't have to sacrifice style. These basic beauties give you all the protection you need with a nice classic look that everyone who sees you can appreciate.


Summer is finally approaching, so rejoice! Give yourself that taste of freedom that you've been wanting for many long months by giving yourself some much needed time out in the sun. Don't forget to protect your eyes though.

Lead Image Credit: Katarzyna Kos via Unsplash