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Jun 08 2016
by Alexa Marzina

15 Graduation Caps for the Disney Lover

By Alexa Marzina - Jun 08 2016

Graduation is arguably one of, if not the single, most exciting times in life. It is the close of one chapter and the beginning of an exciting new one: "the start of something new," you might say! Here are some of the coolest Disney grad caps to inspire your own for graduation!

1. Classic Minnie

2. The Genie

3. Mulan

4. Dory

5. Stitch

6. Buzz Lightyear

7. Hercules

8. Ariel

9. Woody and Jessie

10. Another Ariel Variation

11. Peter Pan

12. A Different Mulan

13. Up Inspired

14. Anna and Elsa

15. Classic Disney Castle

This may be the last summer that "means no worries," so make the most of it! Graduation is just the first step (or maybe even leap!) into the rest of your life, and it is definitely a day that you will always remember.

Lead Image Credit: Heidi Contreras (@h_painting) via Instagram

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Alexa Marzina - University of Pittsburgh

Alexa is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in nonfiction English writing and pursuing a certificate in American Sign Language. She also plays clarinet in the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band. One day, Alexa hopes to own at least three corgis. Follow her on Twitter @alexa_lou and Instagram @_alexalou

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