It's never too late to start a bullet journal, they're one of the best ways to get organized! You're able to track things daily, to yearly, to everything in between. Bujos are so open-ended which is what makes them so great and versatile. If you're not convinced, check out some reasons why you should start one. Yearly spreads are a great way to start off your new journal, so here are 10 examples to inspire you on your bullet journal quest.

1. Date-Oriented


If you make plans around very specific dates in the year, this spread is great for you. It allows you to see all of your special dates at a glance, as well as see where they fall on the calendar compared to other events.

2. Simple


Sometimes, you just need a quick glance at a specific month, or even the whole year, quickly. This simple layout gives you all the dates you need without any distraction of other stuff. Plus, you can highlight your super important days.

3. The Lister


For some, it's best to be able to see what is happening in each month one at a time. This spread gives you individual columns to plan out each month how you see fit as well as giving you some extra space at the bottoms for notes or extra plans.

4. No Nonsense


Since every single month is visible on this two-page spread, the size of the months has to be sacrificed. However, this is perfect for people who just have a few super important dates that they want to keep track of each month to refer to easily.

5. For Tracking


There are lots of things you may want to track on a monthly basis — step counts, spending habits, weight, anything! This spread is great for tracking whatever your heart desires so you can compare over each day and throughout the months.

6. Basic


Sometimes we want to keep track of our lives, but we don't necessarily have the time available to do that. This spread is so simple to make and fill out that you'll never have to plan out time to plan your life out. Thank goodness!

7. Multitasker


If there are a lot of things you want to keep tabs on during the year, keep them all on the same page! This way, you don't need to go flipping through a bunch of pages to find the one individual tracker page you want. This doesn't have to just be for tracking bills, you can literally put anything you want to keep track of in this spread.

8. A Year in Blocks


If you've ever wondered about how your mood fluctuates throughout the year (or even if you haven't) this spread is excellent for showing change over time! You can customize the color scale to mean anything you want and have as many levels as you have moods. It is super interesting to compare how you've felt all year, just make sure you fill it out each day to accurately capture your mood!

9. The Combo

Tracking dates one specific way may not be the most effective strategy for everyone, so combine all the ways! This spread features calendars, a list format and separate boxes for each month to really compartmentalize them, making organizing monthly tasks a breeze. 

10. Recurring Events

Lauren Davis

If you know that you have the same activity to do on multiple dates during the upcoming months, simply consolidate your typical list format into these convenient boxes. That way, you don't need to spend precious Netflix time on rewriting the same events over and over. The small calendars to the side are a nice bonus to help you know on what days of the week your events fall on!

Bullet journaling is all about organizing your own life in a way that you like. You may make a few different spreads before you find one that really suits your life, and that's OK! Just keep experimenting until you get into your groove.

Lead Image Credit: @tom.pletinckx via Instagram