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Jan 07 2017
by Alexa Marzina

10 Awesome Habit Tracking Pages for Your Journal

By Alexa Marzina - Jan 07 2017
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Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut? Do you make promises to yourself that you can't seem to keep track of? Well, don't feel alone! It can be super hard and frustrating to stick to a goal, especially a large-scale goal, like weight loss or committing to reading every day, so don't get down on yourself if you've already slacked on your new year's resolution(s). Here are some habit-tracking pages to include in your bullet journal (or just to write on a regular sheet of paper!) to keep yourself motivated and to get a true visual look at your goals!

1. For weight tracking or weight loss.

If you're looking to gain, lose or maintain your current weight, then this layout is for you! Numbered boxes with a designated start and goal help you to visualize your journey as well as see how far you've come since the beginning!

2. If you have a variety of habits to track.

If you have a bunch of little goals, or just a large number that you want to track, consider using an entire page to track them. This layout utilizes a full sheet with easy-to-see dates and goals so you can fill the boxes out in a flash!

3. Plan a variety of ways.

Do you sometimes forget about your daily goals? This spread utilizes both monthly and daily options, so you never forget about what you're working towards!

4. Encourage yourself by progress.

If you don't like tracking your goals by dates or times, that's fine! This layout utilizes a whole page, but in a different way — it simply tracks your progress as you make it! Don't meet a specific daily goal? That's fine, just chart the milestones that you've reached in your process and you'll get to the end in no time!

5. If you don't like the whole "journal" idea.

For those who aren't into journaling, you can definitely still track your goals easily. Just find a desk calendar (or make one!) and simply cross off/check/otherwise mark the day when you've completed your goal and you're all set.

6. For visual-based learners.

For many, visuals and pictures make for a much easier learning experience. If you're one of those people, make your habit tracker more visual, like this one, which shows more of a correlation-type relationship between two variables that you may be tracking.

7. Have a lot to do in a day?

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and it feels like we have to much to keep track of. When this happens, sometimes it is more beneficial to not plan ahead and just take life (and your goals) day by day.

8. For minimalists.

If you loathe the idea of committing time to tracking your daily life but still want to meet goals, consider putting simple color-coded dots next to each day's date to symbolize what you've accomplished!

9. For abstract thinkers.

If you don't see your goals as linear per se, consider using fun shapes for your trackers! This could also be helpful to help your creativity flow if that's related to one or more of your goals.

10. Speak your goals out loud!

As most students know, reading something out loud helps you to remember it. If your goals are not necessarily trackable, consider writing them down and simply reading them aloud every day to remind yourself what you are aiming for.

While it's not necessary to always have strict goals in place to succeed as a student, it is always helpful to know in which areas of your life that you could improve, whether it be to be more productive, healthy or friendly to others. Being conscious of your goals is a great way to keep track of them, so let us see your journal spreads on Facebook and Twitter!

Lead Image Credit: Cathryn Lavery via Unsplash

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Alexa Marzina - University of Pittsburgh

Alexa is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in nonfiction English writing and pursuing a certificate in American Sign Language. She also plays clarinet in the University of Pittsburgh Varsity Marching Band. One day, Alexa hopes to own at least three corgis. Follow her on Twitter @alexa_lou and Instagram @_alexalou

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