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Jan 30 2016
by Alex Evans

The 2016 Presidential Election and Its Importance to Us

By Alex Evans - Jan 30 2016

*Disclaimer: This article is in no way intended to try and persuade the reader to vote for a certain candidate, only to urge the reader to exercise his/her right to vote.

The 2016 Presidential election. We’ve seen it all over the news for months now and, with the Iowa Caucus looming, decisions will have to be made by the voters in the United States as to whom we want as our leader for at least the next four years. The Class of 2019 is in a unique situation being that it’s our first time being able to vote in a presidential election, and whoever we elect, especially if they are a two-term president, will have a significant impact on our post-graduation lives. It’s truly a privilege to be able to exercise our right to vote, and we have a responsibility for our generation to elect a candidate that will better our lives in college and beyond. So, who will you vote for?


One of the major concerns among college students today is the cost of college and the debt you have to pay off once you graduate. If you want to see college tuition become more affordable for everyone, thus eliminating staggering debts to be paid off, maybe you’d vote for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, both of whom have promised to lower the price of attending colleges and universities.


Maybe you’re concerned about being able to find a job after you graduate or about the amount of money you’ll make. If you’re like this, a vote for a business tycoon like Donald Trump, who has a great understanding of the economy and how to create more jobs, could be for you. Or you could go with Bernie Sanders, who promised to raise the minimum wage to $15 if he is elected to office.


Perhaps you’re more worried about issues concerning homeland security, what with the threat of ISIS and illegal immigration. A majority of the candidates have presented detailed plans to fix the immigration issue in our country, and all have said that we need to utterly destroy any radical terror group that poses a threat to us.

Climate Change

Climate change, more commonly referred to as Global Warming, is an issue that has gained popularity in recent years. We are beginning to see the significant damage that our combustion of fossil fuels has caused throughout the world. If you're an advocate of fixing our Climate Change problem, then you might want to consider Bernie Sanders, as he has promised to phase out fossil fuels entirely and move to cleaner sources of energy throughout his presidency. Do you think a changing global climate is the least of our worries? If so, you may want to cast your vote for a Republican such as Ted Cruz, currently second in the polls, who says that "Climate Change is not science. It's religion."

In the end, you need to exercise your right to vote. Research which candidate(s) plan to enact laws and regulations that you most strongly believe in, and vote for them. Don’t just vote for who all your friends are voting for or who your parents think would be the best president. After all, it’ll have a far greater impact on your post-graduation lives than you could ever guess. Your vote CAN and it WILL make a difference! 

If you would like to know more about each candidate presented in this article, please go to the following websites:

Donald Trump:

Bernie Sanders:

Hillary Clinton:

Ted Cruz:

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Alex Evans - William Paterson University

Alex is currently a freshman at William Paterson University in New Jersey. He's a journalism major and loves to write about anything from sports to politics. Aside from school, he enjoys golfing, fishing, and Netflix. Alex currently serves as a social curator for Fresh U as well. Follow him on Instagram @alexevans_15

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