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Nov 18 2015
by Alex Evans

How Writing Has Given Me A Voice

By Alex Evans - Nov 18 2015

With increasing advancements in technology, many people believe that writing is becoming less important, a sort of "dying breed," if you will, that will eventually go extinct. I have always been a strong advocate of the written word, as it has helped me to find my voice and express myself in ways I could never have imagined previously.  It is still a relevant form of expression in our society, and I hope my story relates to others and justifies how the written word is as important as ever in the world that we live in today.

Throughout my young life, I have not excelled in terms of public speaking. It has always come more difficult to me than my family and friends, and I often find myself unable to pinpoint exactly why. Is it simply a matter of me caring more about what others think about me while I'm up there? Or is it that I just I get a little more nervous than the average person does? Whatever the case may be, it has been difficult to fully express my opinions and ideas via this form of communication. In fact, I typically kept my comments to myself, wishing that I had the fortitude to state my beliefs in an eloquent manner in front of a crowd of people, that is, until I started to get into the art of writing.

Writing has been an absolute blessing more me. It has enabled me to convey my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, etc. to my professors and, in this case, the public.  I do not feel the nervousness or anxiety that I would with an oral presentation while writing, allowing me to fully express myself without fear of what others might think of me or rushing through a presentation just to get it over with and leaving out key points and/or issues. Writing is still quite and important form of communication, and it has helped me, as well as numerous other students and adults throughout the world, find and value their voice. 

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Alex Evans - William Paterson University

Alex is currently a freshman at William Paterson University in New Jersey. He's a journalism major and loves to write about anything from sports to politics. Aside from school, he enjoys golfing, fishing, and Netflix. Alex currently serves as a social curator for Fresh U as well. Follow him on Instagram @alexevans_15

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