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Jun 13 2018
by Alejandra Arevalo

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Language Skills During Summer Break

By Alejandra Arevalo - Jun 13 2018

As part of your core requirements, you probably had to learn a new language. You strived hard for a semester, or maybe even the whole year to achieve a new level in that language. As the summer break starts, you might be tempted to just let go of everything you have learned so far. Practicing another language over the summer doesn’t mean you have to spend hours reading your textbooks. Here are some ways to do it while enjoying your summer.

1. Talk to your friends in another language.


Language is a skill that is meant to be used and not only studied. Make it your goal to speak in another language during a night out with your friends or in a phone call. Trying to say really important thoughts in another language, not just the basic phrases you learn in class, will help you to dominate the language in all contexts.

2. Switch the language of your phone.